Diabetes inpatients

  • a cluster RCT of inpatient staff education assessing the impact upon e.g. length of stay;
  • a RCT of glucose control among different groups of inpatients (e.g. during labour); (iv) investigate different approaches to managing/charting insulin among inpatients; and (v) investigate glycaemic patterns among inpatients.

Type 1 diabetes

Campbelltown is currently a TRIALNET site looking at the natural history of type 1 diabetes (and its prevention). Over the next 5 years, we plan to:

  • commence Oz-DAFNE (structured type 1 diabetes education) locally and then join the Oz-DAFNE research collaborative;
  • test a new model of care in transition care (ages 18-25) currently under development; and
  • participate in trials of new technology (CGMS, CSII as they become available.

Type 2 diabetes

Campbelltown is already a DELIGHT site for Astra Zeneca and over the next 5 years, all sites intend to increase participation in pharmaceutical trials as they arise. Management of type 2 diabetes (besides before/in pregnancy, with severe complications or with management difficulties) largely in primary care with whom we intend to work closely in an increasingly integrated fashion (vide infra) over the next 5 years

Current Trials

Apps and Peer support for a Healthy future and Living Well with Diabetes – Mental Health

The Apps and Peer support of a Healthy future and Living well with Diabetes study (APHLID) study team in conjunction with Perx Health is developing a health App which will act as a one-stop-shop for diabetes and mental health resources. The study will test whether the use of the modified Perx App improves mental health, well-being and physical health in young peoples with diabetes.

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