HCP Education

The Unit has Australianised the Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (AUSCDEP) platform and is rolling this out across primary and secondary care in South West Sydney .  Evaluation is a pivotal aspect of this and has so far included:

  • Pilot on one medical ward at Campbelltown Hospital
  • Cluster randomised controlled trial comparing AUSCDEP vs Face to face vs usual health care professional education  across 3 medical wards at Campbelltown Hospital
  • Testing in primary care

An ongoing program is under development with the PHN with Diabetes Integrated Care components across the LHD area:

  • Integrated diabetes clinic including: (i) facility for diabetes teaching among undergraduate students from medicine, nursing and eleven School of Health sciences disciplines, including podiatry and gp/practice nurses; (ii) step down diabetes foot clinic; (iii) primary care annual review facility; and (iv) development of clinical database from patients attending clinic
  • Endocrinologist virtual clinics within general practices
  • Benchmarking and decision support tool for primary care and pipeline development for primary care support and clinical studies
  • Online and face to face primary care health care professional education
  • Joint governance development
  • Practice nurse education programme
  • Masterclass programme
  • Annual conference