Programme Overview

Day 1 Peer support / Lifestyle

Friday 17 May 2019

Welcome & Introduction
Peer support and community action models
Prof David Simmons
Diabetes peer support and models of care Prof Michele Heisler
Extending the reach of peer support and community diabetes services Dr Levi U. Osuagwu and Mrs Ronda Thompson
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles in the Muslim Community Ms Janelle Rooney
Western Sydney Diabetes Prevention Programme Ms Janine Dawson
Obesity Prevention
Working for the Next generation in the ACT
Dr Paul Kelly
Mapping food and physical activity venues for a healthy lifestyle to prevent diabetes? Prof Evelyne de Leeuw
Panel Q and A- Challenges in setting up diabetes peer support and
community action to prevent diabetes and its complications.
South Eastern Sydney Diabetes Dashboard Prof Tony O’Sullivan
Software to support diabetes in primary care: Hunter New England Dr Shamasunder H.Acharya
Software to support diabetes in primary care: South Western Sydney  
Diabetes Integrated care-a US perspective Prof Michele Heisler
Diabetes Integrated care-a state district perspective Dr Nigel Lyons
My Health Record –Can it help Integrate Diabetes Care and if so How? Dr Charlotte Hespe
Panel-diabetes integrated care-is it possible in NSW?  
Poster awards on diabetes prevention, community action/healthy towns,
diabetes peer support, and diabetes integrated care

Day 2 Technology

Saturday 18 May 2019

Welcome Prof David Simmons
DiRECT study – Time to halt the type 2 diabetes epidemic Dr Mike Lean
VLCDs in An Australian General Practice Dr Chee Khoo
Obesity – who is to blame? Dr Milan Piya
Obesity and pregnancy-what’s the harm?
Are antenatal programmes of benefit?
Prof David Simmons
Case conferencing – a way to deal with obese patients with diabetes Dr Rohit Rajagopal
Anti-hyperglycaemic agents and renal disease. Why, what’s helpful and what isn’t? Dr Hamish Russell
Diabetic Heart
Coronary Disease Vs Heart Failure
Dr Manan Vaishnay
The new ADA/EASD Guidelines – coming to Australia soon? Dr Gary Deed
Sensors funded under NDSS. Sensor update and who is eligible? MDS team
How to save a leg in 2 minutes?  
Debate-glucose control is more important than weight management Dr Vincent Wong and Dr Gary Deeds
Vs Dr Mike Lean and Dr Nic Kormas
Poster awards on diabetes care 

Programme subject to change