Feel the Magic: Supporting the wellbeing, development, and healing of children who experience bereavement

TeEACH researchers have been meeting with members of the executive leadership team from Feel the Magic for more than 12 months, discussing the importance of rigorous research and understanding how children and families are best supported when they experience loss and bereavement. We share a commitment to research that measures the impact of support programs, and to understanding the diversity of needs and circumstances that will influence program effectiveness.
In collaboration with Feel the Magic, we have developed a program of research that initially includes five interconnected ‘arms’. These arms will form a strong foundation on which to build a large longitudinal project. Feel the Magic has been successful in securing a Perpetual Grant to fund this foundation work.
Essential to this project’s success is the ongoing support from the partnering organisation, Feel the Magic. This support is important, but not limited to, several stages of the research including: (1) promoting the research and assisting with recruitment; (2) having counsellors available to provide support if any participant becomes distressed during interviewing; and (3) continued commitment to the research by participating in regular meetings as part of the project’s Steering Committee. The Steering Committee meetings will provide opportunities for the TeEACH research team to seek guidance from Feel the Magic and share updates on research progress and outcomes.

A Foundation Program of Research
This program of research is guided by three critical aims:

1.To map the existing child bereavement support services, both nationally and internationally, and to identify the elements that constitute best practice;
2.To understand the support needs and the facilitators and barriers to healthy development and wellbeing for bereaved children and their families; and
3.To explore the impact of the Feel the Magic program on child outcomes.