Researcher Development

With a keen focus on our Values and Principles, Western Sydney University provides an array of career development opportunities ensuring our researchers are equipped to meet real global research challenges. This website provides the opportunity for researchers to plan their individualised development goals hand in hand with support from their mentors and supervisors using tools provided from across the University.

Career Planning

The University provides many options for development of staff. The Office of Talent and Leadership provide many options and resources for your development including LinkedIn Learning and Research Services provides the internationally acclaimed Nature Masterclass Online, a professional development training resource developed for researchers by Nature.

Publishing and Metrics

Western Sydney University Library provides a range of tools and resources to help inform your publishing decisions.

Funding Opportunities

The University encourages staff to apply for the varying internal and external funding opportunities available. Please ensure you reach out to the relevant support staff when applying for funding.

Industry and Partnerships

Western provides several business development opportunities for staff to use to build their industry partnerships. Our Business Services team connects and supports staff in developing business, government and the community linkages and assists in identifying external partnership opportunities for commerical research, consultancy and commerialisation. They work together with academics to nurture partenrships ensuring long term benefits for both the partner and academic.

Digital Scholarship and Research Data Management

Western has a broad array of training programs for digital scholarship, and research data storage options available to researchers; variously delivered by the Library, ITDS and Intersect.

Networking Opportunities

Collaborating with colleagues is often the best way to build your research profile. Western has a keen group of researchers ready to work with your to build upon or share ideas. Check out the Early and Mid Career Researchers (EMCR) network on your campus. Each network has a Teams site for you to join.


Western Sydney University hosts several mentoring programs. Talk to your School/Insitute research leaders to discuss creating an effective program within your school or to arrange having a mentor. Resources are available or take a look at the attached links for other opportunites provided by the University.

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