Fulbright Program

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The Fulbright Specialist Program (FSP) (opens in a new window) supports Australian educational institutions through grants to bring US specialists in selected disciplines to Australia for a period ranging from between two and six weeks. The aim of the FSP grant is to assist Australian educational institutions to exchange expertise and build collaborative linkages with US faculty and professionals on curriculum and faculty development, institutional planning and a variety of other activities. For example, the specialist may:

  • Develop and/or assess academic curricula or educational materials;
  • Take part in specialised academic programs and conferences;
  • Conduct needs assessments, surveys, and institutional or programmatic research;
  • Consult with administrators and instructors of post-secondary institutions on faculty development;
  • Present lectures at graduate and undergraduate levels;
  • Participate in or lead seminars or workshops.

In accordance with the Fulbright Program's aim of promoting mutual understanding between Australia and the US the specialist may also have the opportunity to participate in activities organised by the US Embassy in Australia, the Australian-American Fulbright Commission and the Australian Fulbright Alumni Association.

Fulbright award recipients since 2003
NameYearField Home institution Host institution
Prof James Arvanitakis 2019 Humanities Western Sydney University of Wyoming
Prof Anthony Maeder 2015 Computer Science Western Sydney Kansas State University
Tracey Steinrucken 2015 Biology Western Sydney University of California, Berkeley
Prof Debra Moser 2003 Nursing University of Kentucky Western Sydney

For more information on Fulbright opportunities, please visit the Fulbright Australia (opens in a new window) website.