Public Lecture Series

Lecture 6

'De-radicalization versus Deprogramming: Similarities and Differences in Programs to Encourage Desistance'

Prof. James T Richardson (opens in a new window), University of Nevada, Reno

Tuesday 18 October, 2011

Lecture 5 

'Swiss Shock: Minaret Rejection and European Values – Islam and tolerant neutrality' 

Prof. Douglas Pratt (opens in a new window), University of Waikato, NZ

Thursday 13 October, 2011

Lecture 4

'Re-theorizing Democracy and Islam'

Dr. Irfan Ahmad, Monash University

Friday 16 September, 2011

Lecture 3 

'New Meanings and Connections: A Multi-faith Exploration of British Religious Young Adults and Sexuality'

Associate Professor Andrew Yip, University of Nottingham, U.K.

Wednesday 3 August, 2011

Please click on the following links if you are intersted in viewing the Religion, Youth and Sexuality project press release video (opens in a new window). 

Lecture 2 

'The Qur'an and Women's Lived Experience: the Huajeuexian Women's Mosque in Xi'an, China' 

Dr Toni Tidswell, Curtin University  (opens in a new window)

Monday 4 April, 2011

Lecture 1 

'Muslim students' negotiations of the contested spaces of the university campus'

Dr Peter Hopkins (opens in a new window), Newcastle University, UK (opens in a new window)

Thursday 3 March, 2011

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