Postgraduate Study

Higher degree by research (HDR) supervision represents one of core activities undertaken by the group. The diversity of research interests amongst its academic staff is reflected in the diversity of HDR candidates the group attracts. The group offers both Master of Arts (Honours) and PhD supervision.

Prospective students are encouraged to consult the People page and to contact potential supervisors directly in order to discuss their research proposal. For queries relating to academic or supervisory matters, please contact the Associate Dean (HDR Students), Peter Bansel.

Our HDR Workshops and Seminars schedule for 2019 will be available shortly.

The group engages actively with leading national and international scholars via its Public Lecture Series and Visiting Academics Programme. It also organises a number of postgraduate workshops, symposiums and conferences throughout the year. In addition to these in-house events, students are able to participate in postgraduate activities and draw on postgraduate support services within the School of Social Sciences.

Postgraduate Students currently supervised by Religion and Society Research Cluster researchers

PG StudentThesis Title and Supervisory Panel
Ahmad Abrori

Majlis Youth: Becoming New Actors for Conservative Islamic Movement in Indonesia

Supervisors: Professor Adam Possamai and Dr Steven Drakeley

Adib Ahmad

Understanding Identity and Social Representations of Indonesian Atheists

Supervisors: Professor Adam Possamai and Assoc. Prof. Mary Hawkins

Khaled Almedyab

Australian Government Countering Violent Extremism Strategy and the Response of the Australian Muslim Community in Western Sydney

Supervisor: Professor Kevin Dunn and Dr Anna-Maria Bluic

Abdul Hadi Religious Leaders and Development Policies in Contemporary Indonesia: The Case of the Role of Islamic Tuan Guru in Socio-Economic Regional Development of the Post Suharto Indonesia

Supervisor: Adam Possamai; Co-Supervisor: Andrew McWilliam
Laily Hafidzah Gender Sufism: An Anthropological Study on Sufi Women within Sufi Orders in Indonesia

Supervisor: Mary Hawkins; Co-Supervisor: Selda Dagistanli and Milad Milani
Syarif Hidayatullah The Ideology Contestation between Islam Nusantara and Transnational Islamic Movement: The Case of Bangka Belitung Island, Indonesia.

Supervisors: Andrew McWilliam; Co-Supervisor: Mary Hawkins
Mehrnosh Lajevardi Fetemi

Application of Servant Leadership Model to the Understanding of Muslim Leadership in the Modern in Australia

Supervisor: Linda Briskman Co-Supervisor: Rob Stones

Akhmad Najibul Khairi Syaie

The New Wave of Islamic Puritanism in Indonesia and its Impact on Political, and Socio-Religious Changes

Supervisor: Andrew McWilliam; Co-Supervisor: Mary Hawkins

Katja Strehle

Inclusion and gender politics in non-religious groups in Australia: a women’s perspective

Supervisor: Cristina Rocha; Co-Supervisor: Alan Nixon

Recent Completions

Faroque Amin

"Contemporary Methodological Transition in Islamic Revivalist Movement: An Analysis of the Societal Approaches"

Supervisor: Jan A. Ali; Co-Supervisors: Adam Possamai; Arskal Salim

Ashleigh Barbe-Winter

Islamic Family Separation in the Australian Legal System

Supervisors: Professor Adam Possamai Dr Selda Dagistanli and Susan Armstrong

Mohammad Hasan Basri

Green Islam: A Case Study of Three Pesantrens? Experience in Conceptualizing and Practicing Islamic Jurisprudence on Environment in Indonesia

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Mary Hawkins and Professor Andrew McWilliams

Emily Burns

"The Meaning of Home: Spirituality and Domestic Space in Australian Home Birth Experiences"

Supervisor: Cristina Rocha; Co-Supervisor: Alphia Possamai-Inesedy

Judi Chusjair "Depicting 'the West' in the discourse on terrorism in Indonesian magazines"

Supervisors: Steven Drakely; Co-Supervisors: Hart Cohen; Milissa Deitz
Victor Counted"Place Spirituality and Mental Health: A Study of the African Diaspora in Australia "

Supervisor: Adam Possamai, Co-Supervisor: Cameron McAuliffe
Douglas Cronin

The Motivations and Impacts of Anti-racism and Rehumanisation: Towards an Ethical Counterstorytelling Framework

Supervisors: Professor Kevin Dunn, Assoc. Prof. Nida Densen and Dr Oishee Alam

Alexia Derbas

The impact of international political conflicts on young Australian Muslim women

Supervisors: Assoc. Prof. Alphia Possamai-Inesedy and Dr Peter Bansel

Terri Drage "The National Sufi Council: Redefining the Islamic Republic of Pakistan through a discourse on Sufism after 9/11"

Supervisors: Julia Howell; Co-Supervisors: Jan Ali; Emilian Kavalski
Desmon GintingThe Connection between Culture and Work Ethos:  How to harness Culture and use it as a foundation for finally having productive work ethos

Supervisor: Andrew McWilliam; Co-Supervisor: Steven Drakeley
Rhys Gower

Exploring Trajectories of Active Atheist Identity Formation within Australia

Supervisor: Alphia Possamai-Inesedy; Co-Supervisors: Cristina Rocha; Alan Nixon

Valerie Anne HiebertEvangelical Christian Discourse: Contours and Contradictions

Supervisors: Robert Stone; Co-Supervisor: Adam Possamai
Vlad Iouchkov

The Hero with a Thousand Graces: a Sociological Examination of Real-life Superhero Metamorphoses

Supervisor: Adam Possamai; Co-Supervisors: Philip Birch, Tony Jinks

Rhonda Itaoui

Experiences of Islamophobia: Impacts on Young Muslims' Mobility in Major 'Western' Cities

Supervisor: Kevin Dunn; Co-Supervisor: Adam Possamai, Rae Dufty-Jones, Andrew Gorman-Murray

Ian Forest Jones "A Two-Wheeled Gospel: Religious conversion among lifestyle bikers and their clubs"

Supervisor: Adam Possamai; Co-Supervisor: Selda Dagistanli
Firdaws Mohammad Karim

Gendered Resiliance Amongst Australian Muslim Women: Racism and In(Visibility).

Supervisor: Selda Dagistanli; Co-Supervisors: Fran Gale and Mary Hawkins

Kathleen Openshaw

"I am Universal": An Ethnographic Study of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Australia

Supervisor: Christina Rocha; Co-Supervisors: Alphia Possamai-Inesedy, Mark Hutchinson

Andri Rosadi

The Indonesian Salafi Movement: Root, Development and Future

Supervisor: Adam Possamai; Co-Supervisor: Steven Drakeley, Arskal Salim

Rosie ShorterProtestant Reformations, Cultural Revolutions: In a Supposedly Post-Christian Australia, how does Protestant Christianity Contribute To and Interact with the Construction of Normative Cultural Ideals of Gendered and Sexual Behaviour?

Supervisor: Cristina Rocha; Co-Supervisor: Kate Huppatz
Firdaus Wajdi

"Turkish Naqsabandis as Sponsors of New Style Pesantren: A Case Study of the United Islamic Cultural Center of Indonesia (UICCI)"

Supervisor: Julia Howell; Co-Supervisors: Mary Hawkins; Arskal Salim

Atun Wardatun

Marriage Payment among Bimanese Muslim in Eastern Indonesia: Practice, Meaning and Impacts toward Gender Power Relation

Supervisor: Julia Howell; Co-Supervisor: Mary Hawkins

Lisa Worthington

"Gender in Progressive Islam: Social Implication in the United States

Supervisor: Adam Possamai; Co-Supervisors: Bryan Turner; Kate Huppatz

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