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TASA Conference 2019: Sociology of Religion Thematic Group Sessions

Conference Details

Tuesday 26 November

Chair: Dr Rosemary Hancock

Location: Western Sydney University, Parramatta City Campus, 01.6.21

11:00-11:20am: Mehrnosh Lajevardi Fatemi (Western Sydney University) - "Diversity & Urban Growth, Mosques"

11:20-11:40am: Geraldine Smith (University of Tasmania) - "Multifaith Encounters: Online and Beyond"

11:40am-12:00pm: Alan Nixon (Western Sydney University) - "Big Data and Digital Religion: The Archimedean Affect"

12:00-12:20pm: Adam Possamai and Gary Long (Western Sydney University) - "Losing Faith in the Classification and Evaluation of Research: A Meta-Metrics Approach to Research on Religion in Australia"

Wednesday 27 November

Chair: Dr Alan Nixon

Location: Western Sydney University, Parramatta City Campus, 01.6.31

11:00-11:20am: Gary Bouma (Monash University) - "Religious Diversity and Social Cohesion in Australia: A Diversity of Diversities"

11:20-11:40am: Rhys Gower (Western Sydney University) - "Postmodernism as Risk: An Atheist Discourse"

11:40am-12:00pm: Alexia Derbas (Western Sydney University) - "Islam & Instagram: becoming posthuman"

12:00-12:20pm: Jonathan Smith (Australian Catholic University) - "From Religious to Non-Religious: Understanding Change in Religious Affiliation during Early Adulthood in Australia"

12:20-12:40pm: Rosie Shorter (Western Sydney University) - "Cruel Complementarianism: Constructing the Christian good life"

Thursday 28 November

Special Session: "Interfaith Childhoods: Diversity and Urban Growth"

Chair: TBA

11:00-11:20am: Anna Hickey-Moody (RMIT University) - "Community, urban futures and faith belonging in children’s art"

11:20-11:40am: Marissa Willcox (RMIT University) - "Material pedagogies for understanding the intersections of gender, race and religion"

11:40am-12:00pm: Mia Harrison - "Affective Labour and Ethnography of Religion"

Re-presenting Islam and Muslims Post 9/11: Images, Words and Refusals

A public lecture by Zulfikar Hirji, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, York University, Toronto.

Location: Western Sydney University, Parramatta City Campus, 01.7.65

Date: Tuesday 3 December

Time: 4-6pm

Location: Female Orphan School, Parramatta Sth, EZ.G.22.

In a Post-9/11 world of evermoving words and images, how do we respond to negative and stereotypical representations of Islam and Muslims? Zulfikar Hirji discusses the perennial challenge of decolonizing and deorientalising portrayals of Islam and Muslims by drawing upon and theories of ‘recognition’ and ‘refusal’ articulated by Indigenous scholars in North America, and by reflecting upon his journey through academia and experience of producing Islam: An Illustrated Journey (2018), a book that explores the diverse histories of Islam and Muslims over more than 1400 years.

Zulfikar Hirji (DPhil, Oxford) is Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology at York University, Toronto. Professor Hirji’s scholarly interests are on Islam and Muslims in historical and contemporary contexts and on issues of knowledge production, representation and identity, visual and material culture, and critical pedagogy. He has conducted ethnographic fieldwork and archival research in South Asia, East Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Europe and North America. His publications include The Ismailis: An Illustrated History (2008), Diversity and Pluralism in Muslim Contexts (2010), Between Empires (2012), Islam: An Illustrated Journey (2018), and Approaches to the Qur’an in sub-Saharan Africa (2019).

See event flyer here

Call For Papers: 3rd Advancing Community Cohesion Conference

Abstracts: By Friday 18 October 2019

Queries: Professor Sev Ozdowski, Conference Convenor and Director, Office of Equity and Diversity, Western Sydney University at S.Ozdowski@westernsydney.edu.au.

The Organising Committee of the 3rd Advancing Community Cohesion Conference – The Way Forward (3rd ACCC) warmly invites submissions of paper and workshop proposals.

Following on from the 2nd Advancing Community Cohesion Conference – Today’s Challenges and Solutions (November 2017) and the 1st Advancing Community Cohesion Conference – Towards a National Compact (July 2015), the 3rd ACCC (February 2020) will focus on ways to understand and advance social cohesion in Australia.

The Conference aims to address a broad range of social, economic, educational and legal issues and to contribute to policy development by bringing together Australian and international experts on social cohesion and multiculturalism. In particular, we seek paper proposals that respond to the need for evidence-based information based on research and case studies. The conference also seeks proposals to conduct workshops to advance practical cohesion building skills in workplaces and other social settings.

Conference speakers will include government ministers, community leaders, senior government officials and scholars from leading universities and research centres as well as members of civil society.

Submission Instructions

The abstract should not exceed 300 words. It should outline the main hypothesis and how it contributes to the conference theme. Submissions are also asked to outline the methodology of the research and how the paper will address current challenges and solutions, either Australian or global.

All presenting authors are to supply a high quality photo and biography (200 words) for inclusion in the Conference App/ Program Book.

Authors of accepted abstracts will be notified by email by Friday 8 November 2019.

If accepted, final versions of abstracts and workshop proposals must be submitted by Friday 13 December 2019.

Please find the full Call for Papers here

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