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Report Launch - 'Australian Muslims: The Challenge Of Islamophobia And Social Distance 2018'

Date: 3 December 2018

Speakers: Professor Riaz Hassan (University of South Australia)

Sponsored by: The Religion and Society Research Cluster (RSRC), The Challenging Racism Project (CRP) and The Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS)

Professor Hassan’s report has twin aims. Firstly, it provides an updated demographic and socio-economic profile of Australian Muslims based on the 2016 Australian Census data. Secondly, it delivers the findings of the Islamophobia and Social Distance surveys. These surveys investigated how a representative sample of 1,000 Australian adults perceived key religious and cultural groups, with a special focus on Muslims. It focused on their perceptions of Muslims and other religious and ethnic groups, with particular attention paid to Islamophobia and social distance, and how these phenomena vary according to key demographics, by respondents’ direct experience with such groups and other variables.

This report offers a new measure of social distance that can be used to investigate responses to key religious and ethnic groups. In relation to Australian Muslims, it explores patterns of Islamophobia and social distance.The report offers a methodological framework for larger future studies of religious and ethnic relations in Australia, and the potential impact (in terms of social and economic disadvantage) on particular sub-populations.

Please find the report launch flyer here Opens in a new window

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