Public Lecture Series

Lecture 8 

'New Zealand Muslims: Islam, Multiculturalism and Religious Diversity

Professor Paul Morris (opens in a new window), Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Lecture 7

'Islamic Piety Against the Family: From 'Traditional' to 'Pure' Islam'

Dr Santi Rozario (opens in a new window), Cardiff University (opens in a new window)

Tuesday 21 September, 2010

Lecture 6

'The Strange Afterlife of Islamism in Militant Laicism in Turkey'

Dr Christopher Houston (opens in a new window), Macquarie University

Tuesday 14 September, 2010

Lecture 5

'Australian Muslims: Are there barriers to their social inclusion?'

Professor Riaz Hassan (opens in a new window), Flinders University

Monday 16 August, 2010

Lecture 4 

The Future of Religion in Australia

Professor Gary D Bouma, Monash University

Tuesday 29 June, 2010

Lecture 3

'The European Court of Human Rights and Old Versus New Member States : Is There a Double Standard in Religious Freedom Cases?'

Professor James T Richardson (opens in a new window), Grant Sawyer Center for Justice Studies (opens in a new window), The University of Nevada, Reno

Tuesday 22 June, 2010

Lecture 2

'Obama's Iran Dilemma' 

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh (opens in a new window), National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies, The University of Melbourne

Monday 31 May, 2010

Lecture 1

'A Minority Within a Minority: Indigenous Muslims and the Search for Identity'

Dr Peta Stephenson  (opens in a new window) , University of Melbourne

Thursday 22 April, 2010

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