Research Week 2020 Neuromorphic Engineering

Neuromorphic Engineering – Alternative Technology Inspired by Biology

What is Neuromorphic Engineering, and what do we does our research team do here at Western Sydney University's International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems?

In celebration of Research Week 2020, the ICNS team opened its doors to showcase and demonstrate the exciting science and research currently underway using biology inspired technology to solve real-world problems.

Join us for a guided video walk through and interactive tour of our labs and research facilities, providing insight into the diverse range of research projects we are working on from tracking space junk to building brain-like computers, and self-playing pinball and foosball machines.

Our ICNS Research Week presentation features exciting work from:

  • An introduction to Neuromorphic Engineering from Professor AndrĂ© van Schaik
  • How to build brain-like computers with Dr Mark Wang
  • How to hear the world in a biology-inspired way with  Dr Ying Xu
  • How we are putting this technology into space with Paras Karki
  • Exploring the effects of temperature on our sensors with Valerie Jochico
  • Figuring out the speed of our sensors with Michael Arena
  • Exploring agricultural applications of our sensors with Sami El Arja
  • Underwater applications of neuromorphic sensors with Dr Mortiz Milde
  • The importance of Robotic Pinball with Yeshwanth Bethi
  • Why we should explore Robotic Foosball with Dr Alexandre Marcireau