NeuroEng Workshop

The International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems welcomed NeuroEng Association members and guests in a 3-day workshop focusing on computational neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering as well providing a valuable platform for networking and collaboration.

The 2023 NeuroEng Workshop was truly a special event, bringing neuromorphic researchers from Australia and across the world together to explore the frontiers of neurology and computer science.

Western Sydney University and Southwest Research Institute share the same values. Our own mantra is ‘from deep sea to deepspace, and everything in between’ – we want to do good science and do this in such a way that improves people’s lives.

– Dr Monika Hofmann, SwRI

NeuroEng is very good to meet new people to establish new collaborations on research.”

– Elisa Donati, Institute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich

ICNS are the world’s experts, that’s how it is.

– Dr Pete Roming, SwRI

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