School of Humanities and Communication Arts

Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

Discipline Lead | Peter Hutchings

Western Sydney University is internationally recognised for the quality of its research in the disciplines of History and Philosophy, as both are recognised at world standard (Excellence in Research for Australia, 2018).

Within History, Western scholars have developed geographic expertise in transnational, Asian, European and Australian history; and have thematic strengths in digital history, environmental history, diplomatic and political history, global/transnational history, intellectual history, religious history, and the history of science and medicine. Philosophy is broadly situated within the context of Kantian and post-Kantian Continental thought (German Idealism, aesthetics, ethics, rights discourses, Marxism, and the history of philosophy), and includes an analytical approach to animal rights.

Historians are having impacts in environmental, local, and medical history, and Philosophers are offering new understandings of philosophy as a cultural force in society. Historical and Philosophical Inquiry features in distinctive Bachelor of Arts majors, and in the Master of Arts in Continental Philosophy, Master of Research, and PhD programs.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Dr Paul Alberts-Dezeeuw
  • Dr Charles Barbour, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Gregory Barton
  • Associate Professor Brett Bennett
  • Professor Brett Bowden
  • Dr Bridget Brooklyn, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Paolo Bubbio
  • Dr David Burchell, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Denis Byrne
  • Dr Christopher Conti, Lecturer
  • Dr Andrew Cottle
  • Dr Steven Drakeley, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Karen Entwistle, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Ben Etherington
  • Francine Feld, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Christopher Fleming
  • Dr John Hadley Professor Michael Head
  • Associate Professor Niv Horesh
  • Dr Sarah Irving-Stonebraker, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Mark Kelly
  • Dr Helen Koukoutsis
  • Dr Cressida Limon, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Alexander Ling
  • Dr Peter Mauch, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Jennifer Mensch
  • Dr Milad Milani, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Alison Moore
  • Associate Professor Dr Margarite Poulos
  • Senior Lecturer Dr Lorraine Sim, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Dimitrios Vardoulakis
  • Dr David Walton, Senior Lecturer