Doctor Diane Colman

Doctor Diane Colman

Academic Program Advisor, Bachelor of Arts, Bankstown,
Humanities (Arts)

Humanities (Arts)

Humanities (Arts)


Diane Colman is a lecturer in international relations and global politics.  Her research interests have focused on the Asia-Pacific and include East Timor's struggle with Australia for sovereignty over its seabed and consequent control over the substantial oil and gas resources required for its development.  This concern with development has led into research on the developmental state, beginning with the model set by Japan and then concentrating on the successful example of South Korea's economic miracle, from a country devastated by war and partition to one of Asia's economic tigers.  Examination of this examplar of a manufacturing doctrine of capitalist development to the real and pressing problems of developing states in the region has progressed Diane's research into its application for rural development and an interest in further advancing the role of the state in intentional development strategies to mitigate the impacts of the spontaneous development of global capitalism.  An in depth interest in Papua New Guinea has ensued. More recently, Diane has become interested in researching the intersection between popular culture and global politics, including fashion, film and music.  Diane is currently researching the global politics inherent in Netflix Original Films.  Diane is passionate about providing authentic experiences in the international sector for her students, leading a study tour to Canada and fostering linkages with diplomatic partners in Australia and the Asia/Indo Pacific region.

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  • PhD University of New South Wales
  • BA(Hons) University of Western Sydney

Professional Memberships

  • APSA (2008 - 2016)
  • OCIS (2008 - 2016)
  • AIIA (2015 - 2016)

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Humanities (Arts)
  • Humanities (Arts)
  • Humanities (Arts)


Phone: (02) 9685 9456
(02) 9685 9456
Location: EQ.1.48

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 100277 Politics of Australia and Asia Relations, 2022
  • 102738 Australian Politics and Active Citizenship, 2022
  • HUMN7004 Australian Cultural Policy and Practice, 2022


Journal Articles

  • Colman, D. (2018), 'Customary land title and Indigenous rights in Papua New Guinea', Pacific Dynamics: Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, vol 2, no 1 , pp 21 - 29.

Dr Colman's research focuses on the globalisation of ideas on social justice and their culturally-sensitive, inclusive application to local challenges.

Dr Colman's PhD was conferred in 2015 with the thesis Development Ideas: A Study in Comparative Capitalism. The thesis extended internationally influential ideas on the role of the state in socio-economic transformation by applying them to the challenges of culturally distinct Asia-Pacific countries with an emphasis on the sustainable, long term interests of society as a whole

Dr Colmand collaborated with other Western Sydney scholars to launch ON@Western, the multidisciplinary Oceanic Network, which connects staff and students with Australia’s Pasifika community and the Oceania region.  A two-day ON@Western Symposium in 2017 in collaboration with our counterparts from ON@Wollongong, resulting in a Special Issue of Pacific Dynamics, published in 2018,  including Dr Colman's paper, Customary Land Title and Indigenous Rights in Papua New Guinea.    

Dr Colman's concern with culture in a globalised world has also led to an emerging track record as a popular culture and world politics (PCWP) researcher, and she is building the foundations for future collaborations with her project Netflix and the shaping of global politics.  This project examines the soft power of global streaming platform Netflix, a topic that remains underdeveloped in traditional international relations studies.  The aims of this project are to: 

  • Create a richly structured, user friendly database capturing how international relations are treated in Netflix Original Films;
  • Provide analysis of the linkages between Netflix and soft power;
  • Provide a gateway for future collaborations on the soft power implications of Netflix and other global streaming platforms.  

This information has been contributed by Doctor Colman.

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