The Master of Education critically examines recent developments in theory, policy, practice and methodologies for research for educators across early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, TAFE, community-based and other professional settings. Students will develop knowledge of research principles and practices and review and evaluate theory and scholarship in their area of specialisation. They will apply concepts and theories to new bodies of knowledge and practice; design original evidence-based investigations; and analyse and synthesise a range of data about complex problems in order to reframe problems and generate solutions. Students will develop and evaluate innovations to improve learning outcomes in workplace settings, communicate their findings to diverse audiences and contribute to scholarship in their specialisation.

Specialisations in the Master of Education are designed to cater for the diverse professional learning needs of students, and include

  • Leadership
  • Leadership & Management
  • Leader Wellbeing
  • STEM
  • Mathematics Education

The Master of Education also provides a pathway to further doctoral study, as students will complete an applied research project in their educational context during the course. It is offered fully online.

The School of Education offers a variety of higher degree research experiences to people who wish to be involved in research. For those who have some research training and experience but who do not meet the eligibility criteria for direct entry into the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) or Doctor of Education (EdD), program, they are welcomed to begin their HDR journey with the Master of Philosophy (MPHIL) which is a supervised program of original research. Candidates could also pursue the Master of Research (MRES) program which provides the necessary experience and expert knowledge for candidates to confidently approach the PhD or EdD studies. The PhD degree provides candidates with a high-quality research experience with the aim to nurture graduates into independent researcher who is capable to uncover or discover new knowledge and formulate theories or innovatively re-interpret known data and established data. Professionals who are keen to undertake practice-based independent research are encouraged to pursue the Doctor of Education that offers candidates the experience to build capacity in conducting research that informs original and high-quality research-led practice.