The collective research capacity and the collaborations within the Centre for Educational Research (CER) and with industry partners have produced a distinctive and dynamic research environment in the Centre.

International Governments have awarded CER researchers grants to conduct research in-country or in Australia, including the current governments in Chile, Canada and Ningbo Municipality in China. Other international research has been supported by UNICEF, for projects in Kazakhstan and via the International Baccalaureate Organization through which two CER teams are contributing leading edge research into studies of the internationalization of secondary schooling.

Nationally, CER researchers have continued to attract funding from industry partners including National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect and from the Australian Federal Government receiving funding through the Australian Research Council, Office of Learning and Teaching, and Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program.

State governments have recognized the leading edge research being conducted by CER members with State Government Departments in NSW, such as the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Department of Education and Communities funding a range of projects both community and school-based in Greater Western Sydney.

CER researchers continually forge new interpretations within current educational research agendas and provide a rich tapestry of approaches to successful research in educational practices.

Building research capacity within CER is supported through a program of events where international and national visiting scholars provide a backdrop for engagement, debate and critique with innovative theoretical, conceptual and methodological divergence in educational research. CER researchers publish widely in order to contribute to current knowledge and debates.

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