Within CER we work with local, national and international partners to conduct impactful research across five key activity streams.

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Innovate learning

Primarily education is about learning and we endeavour to find effective and engaging ways to promote learning for all. Approaches to learning vary depending on the subject matter, the learning context and continue to evolve over time. Online and flexible approaches to teaching and learning are enabling access and participation in ways previously not imaginable and with consequences that are not yet fully understood. Our researchers are investigating how social and technological changes are changing the way learners engage with learning so that learning is optimised for all.

Empower educators

Teachers are responsible for equipping their students with knowledge, skills and the capacity to think critically about the world they live in. Teachers support students’ aspirations for the future helping them to recognise and develop their talents. Teaching is complex and contextualised and many factors can influence its success. CER researchers work with teachers and school systems to better understand these factors and to build teacher capacity to plan, develop and deliver effective teaching across diverse contexts.

Cultivate healthy learners

Students learn best in healthy, supportive environments that take into account their social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Our researchers are investigating positive learning environments that holistically support students to be physically active, emotionally secure and socially responsible.

Advocate for social justice and inclusion

Educational outcomes are aligned with levels of social disadvantage. Research conducted by CER is underpinned by a strong sense of social justice and inclusion, aiming to reduce inequities and improve outcomes for all learners. Often working with the most marginalised of groups, our researchers make a difference by improving opportunities for learners in early childhood, primary and secondary schools and in the broader community.

Evaluate educational initiatives

Researchers in CER partner with school systems to provide rigorous, independent evaluations of educational programs ranging from testing of school-based pedagogical innovations to community based initiatives. Our evaluations provide the evidence needed to refine and scale new educational approaches so that the positive elements can potentially have broad impacts on outcomes for all learners.