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"I think we can all do more to support opportunities for the emerging creative talents of young people." Dr Karin Mackay

In partnership with SydWest Multicultural Services, CER Researcher Dr Karin Mackay is presenting the first in a series of 6-week screenwriting and documentary courses, for young African Australians.

This project has been informed by Karin’s previous research, Refugee Youth Voice: Postcards to the Premier, with conducted in collaboration with 338 refugee youth, Multicultural NSW and CGRR Professor Peter Shergold. The research showed a desperate need for young African Australians to have their many diverse stories heard as racism and navigating cultural tensions was a common experience affecting mental health and wellbeing.

The screenwriting course is being promoted by Dr Linden Wilkinson, talented Australia actor and screen writer from Home and Away amongst other TV series. It is also being supported by Dr Gus Casley-Hayford, renowned cultural historian, producer of BBC documentaries and inaugural Director of the V & A East London cultural precinct to open in 2023.

If you are interested please email Karin at


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Monday 19th October, 10am – 11.40am EST

Engaged Disability Research in Education and Work @ Western: Improving Equality Through Co-Design. A/Prof Danielle Tracey and A/Prof Maria Estela Varua

Monday 19 October 12pm – 1pm

Public Discussion and Expert Panel: The COVID-19 Pandemic and the education and work of people with disability: where to now for policy, practice and research? A/Professor Danielle Tracey, A/Professor Maria Estela Varua and A/Professor Christine Johnston

Wednesday 21 October, 4pm – 5.45pm

Enabling Planetary Health in the Blue Mountains: partnerships in urban resilience.  Professor Juan Francisco Salazar, with panellists.

Friday 23 October, 1pm – 2pm

Strength Based Early Learning (TeEACH) A/Prof Christine Woodrow


Youth in the time of coronavirus – A/Prof Susanne Gannon and colleagues from the Education for Social Justice and Inclusion Research Program (ESJI) survey young people’s feelings, thoughts and experience during school lockdowns.

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Education for All: Universal rights to inclusive education can be hard to implement in countries where 85% of the population live in remote and rural areas.CER’s A/Prof Danielle Tracey and Dr Katrina Barker have been leading on a research project to help teacher-educators in Papua New Guinea promote inclusive education for students with disabilities.

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Course of Nature: Chief Investigator Prof Margaret Somerville has been leading on a research project observing children’s interaction with nature, fostering a sustainability mindset in early-childhood education and contributing to a broadening of literacy skills.

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Opening School Gates for Parents: Children tend to achieve more when their parents are involved with schooling. Led by A/Prof Christine Woodrow, a WSU team examined the barriers to parental participation in children’s education.

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Gender and Sexuality in the Classroom: A/Prof Tania Ferfolja and A/Prof Jacqueline Ullman carried out the country’s largest and most detailed exploration of sexuality and gender diversity education. They found that parents overwhelmingly feel there should be some education around these issues.

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