Professor Kathryn Holmes is the Director of the Centre for Educational Research. Her research interests focus on STEM education and the factors related to student participation and engagement, particularly in relation to gender.

Professor Catherine Attard is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Educational Research. Her research is focused on student engagement with mathematics and issues surrounding the pedagogical practices that influence students' engagement. She is also actively researching contemporary teaching practices through the use of digital technologies.

Professor Michele Simons is Dean and Discipline Lead for Education. Her research interests include workforce development in education-related occupations, learning in workplaces; educational leadership and policy and practice in vocational education and training.


Professor Megan Watkins
Megan’s research engages with issues of pedagogy, embodiment, discipline and affect and the interrelation of these to human agency. These interests mesh with her exploration of the impact of cultural diversity on education and the ways in which different cultural practices can engender divergent habits and dispositions to learning.

Professor Susanne Gannon

Professor Gannon is a Senior Researcher in the Centre for Educational Research, co-leader of the Education Social Justice and Inclusion (ESJI) research group, and is a member of the Planetary Wellbeing and Human Learning research group, and the Sexualities and Gender Research group. She has interests in diverse fields of educational research including gender equity and diversity, educational trajectories, teacher subjectivities, writing pedagogies in secondary schools, media and cultural studies in education, and educational policy.

 Professor Loshini Naidoo

Professor Loshini Naidoo lectures in social justice education at Western Sydney University. She has established a flourishing research profile on equity and access in disadvantaged communities both nationally and internationally.

Associate Professor Jacqueline D'warte

A/Professor Jacqueline D’warte is a member of the Equity Social Justice & Inclusion Research Group. Her research centres on language and literacies teaching and learning and the connections between language, identity, equity and learning across educational settings.

 Associate Professor Christine Johnston

Associate Professor Christine Johnston is Associate Dean, International in the School of Education. She teaches primarily in the areas of early childhood intervention and evidence-based practice.  She maintains a strong involvement in the early childhood intervention field both nationally and internationally through her teaching, her work with professional groups and her research.

Associate  Professor Jacqueline Ullman

Associate Professor Jacqueline Ullman uses mixed-method research techniques to better understand classroom diversity, student motivation and school climate.  She has a particular focus on gender, gender-based violence and gender/sexuality diversity across schools, higher education and workplace cultures.


Associate Professor Katina Zammit

The research interests of Associate Professor Katin Zammit  include pedagogy for students from low SES, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, multimodality, and leadership for pedagogical change. Katina is passionate about improving student learning outcomes and works alongside teachers investigating pedagogical changes.


Associate Professor Tania Ferfolja

Tania Ferfolja’s research centres on equity in education with a focus on gender and sexuality diversities in curricula, policy, pedagogy, schooling and employment practices in Australia and internationally. She is currently co-researching parent perceptions of gender and sexuality diversity inclusion in school curriculum K-12.

 Associate Professor Jorge Dorfman Knijnik

Jorge Knijnik’s research interests are two-fold. On the one side, he investigates gender and cultural diversity topics across educational systems, with a particular focus on official and unofficial curriculum. His research also focuses on sport and social issues and how those affect involved communities.

Associate Professor Christine Woodrow

Christine's most recent research has been focused on developing sustainable models of pedagogical and community leadership with a particular focus on early childhood literacy and numeracy pedagogies and parent engagement in vulnerable contexts.   Her research also includes early childhood policy analysis, transnational investigations of professional identities, the place of visual research methodologies in program evaluation and capacity building,  and the nexus between early childhood education and school.


Associate Professor David Cole

David R Cole is currently the strand leader of the globalisation research in the Centre for Educational Research (CER). David is an expert in mixed methods educational research and the philosophy of education. He has been working on how to change educational practice through the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari since the 1990s in the UK.

 Associate Professor Katrina Barker

Katrina's research focus links well to her teaching as it relates to student motivation, self-concept, classroom management, inclusive education, and school retention. Most of her research employs a mixed methods approach drawing upon sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analyses.

Dr Kay Carroll

Dr Kay Carroll is a Senior Lecturer in Education and the Director of the Secondary Teaching Program, Western Sydney University. Current research and teaching interests are Curriculum and Pedagogy.


Dr Erin Mackenzie

Dr Erin Mackenzie is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education. Her research focuses on gender imbalances in STEM education, with emphasis on the role of psychological and social factors in predicting adolescent girls’ participation in STEM. Her research also addresses adolescent wellbeing in school contexts, including adolescent online behaviours, coping, mental health, and peer interactions.


Lynde is a multi-award winning educator with expertise in teacher education, language and literacy education, educational technology, and digital pedagogy. Her research scholarship examines pedagogical issues pertinent to redefining education using emergent technologies.


Dr Rachael Jacobs

Rachael Jacobs is a lecturer in Creative Arts Education. Her research interests include assessment in the arts, language acquisition through the arts and decolonised approaches to embodied learning. Her PhD focussed on creativity in assessment.

 Dr Roberto Parada

Roberto H Parada PhD is a psychologist and Senior Lecturer in the School of Education. His research interest focus on whole school wellbeing including school bullying intervention, positive learning environments, and the development and evaluation of wellbeing interventions in schools.

Dr Nathan Berger

Nathan’s research interests include secondary education, STEM education, and educational psychology. In particular, his research focuses on the motivational factors influencing young people’s choices to undertake STEM subjects in secondary school.


Dr William Nketsia

His research interests include; special education and inclusive education, initial teacher preparation for inclusive education, implementation of inclusive education, self-efficacy studies on inclusive education, School-Based learning, action research, inclusive pedagogical practices in classrooms, mentoring, supervision and professional development, international perspectives on inclusive education policy and practice, cross-cultural implementation of inclusive education policy and sustainable implementation of inclusive education and practice.


Dr Prathyusha  Sanagavarapu

Dr. Sanagavarapu's research interests and expertise are in the areas of children’s metacognitive thinking, diversity in parenting, cultural globalisation, transition to school and higher education, and blended and flipped learning.  She has completed a few inter-disciplinary studies intersecting education with health and wellbeing.

 Dr Joanne Orlando

Dr Joanne Orlando is a leading expert in the field of children and technology. In particular, her research focuses on the teaching, learning and social effects of children’s uses of technology. Joanne examines this focus across all ages (early childhood, primary, high school and young adults) at school, in the home and social spaces.

Dr Criss Jones Diaz

Criss Jones Diaz is Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Western Sydney University and a Researcher in the Centre for Educational Research. Her research and publications focus on languages, literacies, and identity negotiation in contexts of diversity and difference.


Dr Christina Curry

Christina researches in Health Education & Physical Education with a focus on curriculum and pedagogy. Her work extends to the effectiveness of health interventions within secondary schools with funded projects in menstrual health literacy and responsible drinking.