Putting the Lid on Plastic Waste

Managing plastic waste is becoming increasingly important for our communities, the environment and our marine life.

One of the biggest challenges is the use of plastic lids (like the one on your takeaway coffee), as they are too small to be processed in regular recycling facilities.

Current student and eco-warrior Naomi Kroll has developed a unique way to showcase this issue through 'The Plastic Lid Project'. Using the power of community action, Naomi and 5,000 helpers collected over 20,000 plastic lids across university campuses. Naomi then used the lids to create a beautiful artwork of a giant turtle, called 'Drowning in Plastic'.

"Turtles are particularly at risk from plastic waste polluting our oceans, as they mistake floating plastic for food", she says.

Naomi's work was displayed at the 2018 Youth Eco Summit in Sydney, and she also held an interactive workshop where children helped make two new pieces resembling rainbow fish and star fish.

The Plastic Lid Project has reached over 28,000 people, with artwork seen at Penrith Real Festival. Naomi has also presented on her work at the Asia Pacific Youth Summit.