GradLife Mentors

A new online and social GradLife Mentoring program for Alumni

The GradLife Mentoring program is specifically designed to inspire student members to connect with your successful alumni for mentoring and professional development opportunities.

The community is designed to support the sharing of skills and foster an environment that encourages mentoring relationships amongst the different generations of alumni.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mentoring is a learning and development partnership, where a more experienced/ knowledgeable individual helps to guide a less experienced/ knowledgeable individual. Mentoring can be as little as the right word of encouragement from the right person at the right time to a structured goal-oriented time intensive mentoring relationship.

As a mentor, you are in a position by which you can share your professional knowledge and experiences to an individual who is ready and willing to learn. Being a mentor allows you to;

  • Support a university student or alumni
  • Reconnect with your university
  • Gain new professional and personal development skills as you mentor
  • Gaining satisfaction in sharing your expertise with others
  • Re-energizing your career
  • Building a relationship with someone outside your area and thus increasing your networking within your area of expertise
  • Being engaged with and actively learning of your fellow peers or Western Sydney University Alumni
  • Learning from industry professional and leaders
  • Gain access to invaluable insights within your industry
  • Start to build your professional networks

Connecting the Leaders of Today with the Trailblazers of Tomorrow