Live Off Campus

Live Off Campus

Off Campus Accommodation

The Western Sydney area has a range of affordable apartments and share-house options near our campuses. Real estate agents generally manage apartments while individuals or students, manage shared accommodation. 

Living off campus is suitable for students looking for a more independent lifestyle and there are many options available to you that are still close to your campus. Shared accommodation is a fun way to meet people, particularly in a new city and share living expenses. 

If you need accommodation support or advice, contact the Student Accommodation Office at 

Explore the suburbs surrounding your campus. 

Useful Links

If you’re interested in living close to campus, check out rental property ads on popular websites. 

Please note: These sites are external to the University. We recommend all students see the accommodation in-person before paying any rent or a deposit. 

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Renter Support

Independent Living

Looking for some advice about renting and the cost of living near campus? Visit the Renter Support page for further guidance. 

Plan ahead and feel confident about your rental agreement and rights. 

Under 18s

International Students

Western Sydney University welcomes international students under the age of 18, living with an approved homestay provider under a welfare arrangement. 

Find a place that feels just like a second home. 

Emergency Accommodation

Help with locating accommodation

There may be times due to circumstances beyond your control when you find yourself without somewhere to stay. The Welfare Service is here to support you, we may be able to assist you to locate emergency accommodation. 

The Welfare Service is here to support you. 

Not sure what type of Accommodation suits you?

Take the quiz to find out which accommodation option may suit you.

All About Homestay accommodation provides international students with the opportunity to live and interact with an Australian host family. There are options for short-term and long-term contracts and the minimum stay is generally four weeks. Accommodation includes a single or shared room in a private home and usually ‘full board’ which means that most meals are provided. If you’re interested in Homestay Accommodation, check out our recommended Homestay Provider websites. 

You can read Western Sydney University’s policy on Admissions and Welfare (International students under 18 years) procedures in full in the policies section of our website. 

Useful Links

Renter Support

Refer to our Renter Support page for tips and tricks for renting and other important information. 

Under 18s

If you’re a student visa holder under 18 years of age and applying to study at the University under a Welfare Arrangement, visit our Under 18 student page for further information on required accommodation arrangements. 

Need to speak to someone for help with accommodation?

Contact the Welfare Service via email or 1300 668 370