Projects 2019-2020

Below you will find a list of the current projects being undertaken by Urban and Regional Research Program researchers

Robyn Bushell

Piloting the UNESCO Visitor Management Assessment tool of Luang Prabang, Lao PDR

Jenna Condie

Southern Cross Protection, Reducing Workplace Aggression in a Hospital Setting: CPTED and Emotion ($49,300 with Rodas)

Optimising the Design and Implementation of Equitable Car Parking Systems for Smarter Urbanism ($30,000 with Lean)

Louise Crabtree

City of Sydney, Alternative Housing Ideas Challenge ($10,000).

Sarah De Nardi

British Academy, Heritage, Dignity and Violence Programme, Global Challenges Research Fund.  £298,194.84 GB, WSU contribution: $34,500.

Rae Dufty-Jones

Federal Department of Environment WPCC Monitoring and Evaluation Project (2015-2020) ($150,000)

Kevin Dunn

Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victorian GovernmentDissecting Islamophobia: understanding the varied racialisation of Islam using latent class analysis, and what it means for responding (with WSU Sharples, McGarty, Diallo, Derbas. Other: Mansouri, Paradies, Vergani, Elias and Deakin University) ($46,255.44)

SBS, What next for diversity (with Kamp, Sharples, Denson, Briskman, Tascon, Cheng, Diallo) ($65,000)

Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria (with WSU Third, Collin, Magee, Bliuc, Denson, McGarty. Other: Elias, Grossman, Paradies, Mansouri, Dellal, Harris, Akbarzadeh, Barton, Gerr, Halafoff, Johns, Keddie, Ungar, Vergani, Walton, Whelan), Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies (CRIS) via   Deakin University, Victoria University, Australian Multicultural Foundation, RAND Australia, Dalhousie University, Centre for Multicultural Youth, ($809,048.5)  (2019-2024)

Department of Social Services (DSS) The impact of ethnic diversity, socio-economic disadvantage and sense of belonging on Islamophobia and social cohesion locally and nationally (with WSU: Sharples Other: Colic-Peisker, Dekker, RMIT University ($15,000)

NSW Department of Education; City Country Alliance of Schools (CCA) Promoting Intercultural Understanding Through Student Exchange: A City-Country Multi-School Program (with Sharples), ($5000) (2018-2019)

ARC Linkage Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) (with WSU: Sharples, Alam. Other: Paradies, Priest, Kavanagh, ANU, Deakin, University of Melbourne ($624,000) (2016-2019)

Andrew Gorman-Murray

SPHERE Conceptualising unhealthy urban places: the need for a systems approach, ($22,000).

ARC Discovery Projects Scheme Living apart together: how mobile work is transforming Australian homes ($192,392). (Continuing grant)

Alanna Kamp

SSAP Annual Writing Retreat ($16,000)

What next for diversity (see Dunn above) ($65,000)

Nicky Morrison

SPHERE NSW Built Environment practitioners’ perspectives on place-making opportunities that deliver health and wellbeing outcome (PI with Van Den Nouwelant, UNSW and SWLHD) ($22,000)

SHERE Effectiveness of community-based food hubs and peer support on food accessibility and dietary intake (with McMillian PI) ($22,000)

Phillip O'Neill

Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW Government Climate Risk Ready NSW: Development of a Climate Change Risk Management Framework, Guidance and Training Course (with Pfautsch, Tjoelker, Salazar) ($91,527)

Sebastian Pfautsch 2020

Tree canopy cover across schools of Sydney; professional services contract ($50,000), Greening Australia

Cool Roads Trial across three Western Sydney Councils; Parramatta City Council ($52,710)

Monitoring and Improvement Program for Forests of NSW; professional services contract ($5,500), Natural Resources Commission, Government of New South Wales.

Sebastian Pfautsch 2019

Microclimate Deep Dive (Pfautsch); research services contract ($45,300), Campbelltown City Council.

UV-smart and cool playgrounds (Pfautsch); research services contract ($48,500), Cumberland Council.

Summer Heat across Penrith City 2020 (Pfautsch, Rouillard); professional services contract ($55,000), Penrith City Council.

Cool Schools (Pfautsch, Holmes, Leishman); – Research Partnership Grants, Macquarie University ($12,000) and Western Sydney University ($25,000).

GPOP Cool Schools Pilot Research and Workshop (Pfautsch, Holmes); professional research contract ($ 50,000), NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Climate Risk Ready NSW – Development of a climate change risk management framework, guidance and training course for NSW Government (O’Neill, Tjoelker, Salazar, Pfautsch); government tender ($89,500), Office of Environment and Heritage, Government of NSW.

Awais Piracha

SoB, WSU Housing Sub-Markets and Urban Disadvantage: International Evidence (with Lee, Fan) ($75,000)

Emma Power

AHURI Housing and housing assistance pathways with companion animals: risks, costs, benefits and opportunities ($16,983)

Ryan van den Nouwelant

AHURI Improving outcomes for apartment residents and neighbourhoods ($11,229)

Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils Post Occupancy Survey of Secondary dwellings in Central & Southern Sydney ($12,811)

SPHERE (see Morrison above)

Parramatta City Council Cultural Infrastructure 2039 (with ICS) ($110,000)

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