News and Events 2019 - 2020

Public Presentations:

Robyn Bushell

Protecting everyday life and intangible heritage in small historic World Heritage towns.

Ministry of Culture, Sport & Tourism and UNESCO Hoi An Sept 2019.

UNESCO-World Bank joint Technical Meeting: Culture 2030 | Rural-Urban Development: The Future of Historic Villages and Towns Meishan, People’s Republic of China, 10-12 June 2019

Theme Leader: Alleviating poverty and enhancing well-being through the creative economy and cultural tourism.

UNWTO/UNESCO 4th World Conference Kyoto (November 2019) : Tourism and Culture: Investing in future generations. Invited Keynote and Moderator: Transmitting cultures for tourism enrichment and mutual understanding.

Louise Crabtree

Public talk, Sydney Architecture Festival: Why Sydney needs community land trusts. Sydney Town Hall, 16 Nov October 2019

Public talk, Emergent Festival: Why Sydney needs community land trusts. Sydney Town Hall, 19 Oct 2019

Public talk, Camden Science café: Cooling the Commons. Sydney, 12 Sept 2019

Public panel, Festival of Urbanism, The Eviction, Sydney, 11 Sep 2019

Public panel, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Social Science Stars, Reshaping Public Conversation on Climate Change, Sydney, 11 Sep 2019

Public panel, Antidote Festival: Housing the Future, Sydney Opera House, 1 Sept 2019

Making the City Series – Disruption, speaker, Western Sydney University School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Sydney, 15 Aug 2019.

Artist Run World, panellist, National Association for the Visual Arts, Sydney, 9 May 2019.

Rae Dufty-Jones

Setting the Scene: Trends and Planning for Public Policy, - Keynote - Local Government NSW Big Ideas Forum, Sydney, 4 April.

Making ‘space’ for writing: a human geographer’s take on doctoral writing pedagogies’ – Keynote - Spaces in Doctoral Education, Association for Academic Language and Learning Online Symposium, 27 June.

Keynote at the Online Symposium on Spaces in Doctoral Education sponsored by the Association for Academic Language and Learning and hosted by Macquarie University and WSU.

Kevin Dunn

Sharing the Stories of Australian Muslims”, Tuesday 17 September 2019, Australian Human Rights Commission, Sydney, Australian National Maritime Museum.

“The Challenging Racism Project”, ARCO Network Meeting, Thursday 28th November, 2019, Holroyd High School, Greystanes.

“Australian attitudes towards asylum seekers and refugees”, Key Note Address, CORE, Community Services 40th Celebration night 'A Place for All', Friday 1st November, 2019, William Inglis Hotel in Warwick Farm

Stephen Healy

More than monitoring: developing impact measures for transformative social enterprise” Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, What Role for the Social and Solidarity Economy.  UNRISD/ILO, Geneva, Switzerland, June 2019.

Alana Kamp

Guest Speaker: Geographical Society of NSW Postgraduate Event 'Looking to the future of post-PhD careers in Geography', 2019.

Nicky Morrison

Presented at Wentworth Community Housing Strategy Away day on UK Housing Association Sector – March 2019

PIA Healthy Place making Workshop, August 2019

PIA NSW 2019 Conference, WSU Parramatta City Campus – presented on Healthy Urban Environments project, September 2019

Professorial lecture on Planning, politics and power, WSU Research Week, October 2019

WSU Research Week – Urban Living Futures workshop, 2 presentations - on Healthy Urban Environments project & Werrington Living Lab and 2nd on Opportunities around Aerotropolis - October 2019

WSU CatalystWest – on panel discussion Digital technology versus people -November 2019

Sydney Architecture Festival – presented on Affordable housing delivery and on panel discussion - November 2019

Phillip O'Neill

Lives aren’t lived one portfolio at a time: The messy geography and clunky rhythms of outer Western Sydney, Nepean and Blue Mountains Local Health District Conference 2018, “Together Achieving Better Health” Wednesday 8 November 2018, Penrith

Sebastian Pfautsch

Reducing urban heat. Invited keynote, Strategic Planning Day (GRP Division), Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, Government of NSW

Living urban heat. Cooling the City Masterclass, Penrith, Australia

Heat across Campbelltown (Community leaders), Campbelltown, Australia

Heat across Campbelltown (Industry leaders), Campbelltown, Australia

Thermal performance of playgrounds. Pfautsch, S. Annual Parks and Leisure Australia (NSW/ACT) Conference, Queanbeyan, Australia.

Cool Schools: smart, sustainable strategies to beat the heat. Pfautsch, S. and K. Holmes. EduBuild 6, Sydney, Australia.

Understanding urban heat. Catalyst West, Western Sydney University, Parramatta, Australia

Urban living and heat. Urban Leaders Boardroom Lunch, Cities Leadership Institute, Sydney, Australia

Urban Heat Check. Annual Meeting Western Sydney Diabetes Leaders Alliance, Health NSW (WS LHD), Blacktown, Australia

Benchmarking heat across Campbelltown. Mayor and Councillors of Campbelltown City, Campbelltown, Australia

Awais Piracha

Digital Mapping Workshop – Nov. 26 2019

Emma Power

Co-founded the Housing Journal Podcast in January 2019. Released the first 5 episodes in 2019, with over 3250 listens in the first calendar year.

Academic Conferences and Research Events:

Jenna Condie

Visited QUT (Brisbane) and presented on geolocation dating apps and mobile dating practices in Sydney

Visited the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and presented on digital research methods for dating app safety research.

Invited presentation for the NSW rangers conference on social media use: possibilities and challenges for local government services

Invited discussion on Waterloo public housing redevelopment for Beta Blockers, an interactive live art exhibition at Verge Gallery, Sydney focused on resistance.

Louise Crabtree

Crabtree L, Perry N, Power E, and Grimstad S (2019) Articulating value in housing cooperatives, International Co-operative Alliance Asia-Pacific Research Conference, Newcastle, 14 Dec.

“Articulating value in Co-operative Housing”, University of Sydney Co-operatives Research Group seminar series, 16 Aug 2019.

Crabtree L, Mellick Lopes A, Armstrong H, Healy S, Gibson K, Power E and Tonkinwise C (2019) ‘Cooling the Commons’, NSW Geography Teachers’ Association Annual Conference – Innovation and Sustainability panel, Sydney, 2 Apr.

Rae Dufty-Jones

Bergan, T. and Dufty-Jones, R. (2019), ‘Coliving Housing: Connecting Capital and Community’, Planning Institute of Australia NSW State Conference, Parramatta, 19 September.

Dufty-Jones, R. (2019), ‘Post-doctoral career pathways’, - Invited Panellist - Institute of Australian Geographers Postgraduate Pre-Conference, Hobart, 8 July.

Bergan, T., Dufty-Jones, R., Kerr, S-M., Mee, K., and Power, E. (2019), ‘Housing and home: assembling geographies of emergence, divergence, and convergence’ Institute of Australian Geographers Conference, Hobart, 9-12 July. (3 sessions of 12 papers)

Dufty-Jones, R. (2019), ‘Assembling housing using digital data’ Institute of Australian Geographers Conference, Hobart, 9-12 July.

Kevin Dunn

Association of American Geographers (AAG) Conference, Washington DC, USA, April 2019.

The Australian Sociological Association (TASA) Conference, Sydney, Australia, November 2019.

Australian Association of Islamic and Muslim Studies (AAIMS) Conference AAIMS 2019, Female Orphan School WSU, October 2019

Belonging and Public Space: Racism and the Right to the City, Othering & Belonging Conference, Oakland, USA, April 9, 2019.

Religion and Race/ialisation in Australia, Western Sydney University, Liverpool, 26 April 2019.

Andrew Gorman-Murray

D. Bissell, L. Straughan & A. Gorman-Murray, ‘Losing touch’, presented at the Institute of British Geographers’ Annual Conference (Royal Geographical Society, London, September 2019).

L. Straughan, D. Bissell & A. Gorman-Murray, ‘Floating in absence: experiences of waiting in proximity to mobile working practice’, presented at The Association of American Geographers Annual Conference (Washington, DC, 3-7 April 2019).

C. Nash, H. Maguire & A. Gorman-Murray, ‘LGBTQ communities, public space and urban movement: towards mobility justice in the contemporary city’, presented at The Canadian Sociological Association Annual Conference (Vancouver, 3-6 June 2019)

Stephen Healy

“Cultivating the Habits of Coolth” City Habits Workshop, Western Sydney University, November 2019.

“Redrawing Economies: Other Worlds for Uncertain Futures” Center For Community Resilience Inaugural Lecture, University of West Virginia, Morgantown WV, October 2019.

“Engaging the Present: Envisioning the Future” Plenary panel 2, Engaging Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA October 2019.

“EPA: Economy and Space Forum: A Conversation with Fred Block on the ‘Illusion of Capitalism.” Panelist. Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Washington DC, USA, April 2019.

“Diverse Economies, Design –Futures and Unmaking Unsustainability.” Society for Applied Anthropology, Portland, Oregon, USA March 2019.

“Diverse Economies, Subjectivity and Conjuncture.” Researching Postcapitalist Possibilities One-Day Conference II, Parramatta, NSW, Australia, January 2019.

Alana Kamp

Kamp, A. (2019) A Place of One’s Own: An investigation of historical family photography as a means to challenge migrant liminality, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.

Cameron McAuliffe

Convened Parramatta Field Tour for participants at TASA, Nov 2019

Nicky Morrison

Prioritising Healthy Placemaking post-COVID19 - Urban Living Futures and Society Event, 19th October 2020.

Western Sydney’s urban transformation: Examining the governance arrangements and strategic alliances driving forward the growth vision’ State of Australian Cities (SOAC), December 2019, University of Western Australia, Perth

Phillip O'Neill

The peculiar case of toll roads in eastern Australia, Institute of Australian Geographers, July 2019, Hobart

Felicity Picken

Invited Speaker, Sydney Environment Institute, Oceanic Thinking Workshop, University of Sydney, 30th October, 2019.

The Australian Sociological Association Annual Conference 2019

Awais Piracha

Paper presentation at the PIA NSW 2019 Conference – Parramatta

Co-chair for Smart Futures and Sustainability Track at the ISOCARP World Planning Congress- Jakarta

Emma Power

Organised a session at Institute of Australian Geographers Conference, Hobart 2019; presented paper and was on a panel discussion.

Power, ER and Mee, KJ (2019) Housing: an infrastructure of care, Health in Places, Spaces and Interspecies Relationships: towards more-than-human health promotion, University of Wollongong, Nov 2019.

Power, E.R. (2019) Assembling the capacity to care: caring-with precarious housing, GEOPlan Seminar, Macquarie University, June 2019.

Power, E.R. (2019) Housing: an infrastructure of Care, Institute for Social Policy, Housing, Equalities Research, Heriot-Watt University, March 2019.

Ryan Van Den Nouwelant 

van den Nouwelant, R. & Troy, L. (2019) “(In)formality in Sydney’s housing grey space”, Housing theory symposium (Sydney, May 2019)

van den Nouwelant, R. & Troy, L. (2019) “Reconciling a uniform national housing policy with diverse housing markets”, European Network of Housing Researchers (Athens, July 2019)

Lawson, J., Troy, L. & van den Nouwelant, R. (2019) "Social housing as infrastructure and the role of mission driven financing”, European Network of Housing Researchers (Athens, July 2019)

Troy, L. & van den Nouwelant, R. (2019) “Suburbs of change: Secondary dwellings and Sydney’s hidden housing revolution”, State of Australian Cities (Perth, December 2019)

Martin, C., Pawson, H & van den Nouwelant, R. (2019) “Assembling ‘Build to Rent’ in Australia: a case study in the financialisation of housing”, State of Australian Cities (Perth, December 2019)

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