Domestic Students

The College offers the best value Higher Education pathway programs in New South Wales. With Commonwealth-supported places within our Diploma programs, it means you pay the same low fees as the first year of university. Eligible students also have access to interest-free HECS-HELP loans, so you can study now and pay later.

Find out more about HECS-HELP on the Study Assist website.

Diploma Fees

Student Contribution Bands (Determined by Commonwealth Government)

2017 Maximum Student Contribution* for a full year of study on a full-time study load

2017 Maximum Student Contribution* for 16 months of study under Extended Diploma on a  full-time study load

2018 Maximum Student Contribution* for a full year of study on a full-time study load

2018 Maximum Student Contribution* for 16 months of study under Extended Diploma on a full-time study load
Band 3: Law, accounting, administration, economics, commerce, dentistry, medicine, veterinary science $10,596$19,867$10,951$20,520
Band 2: Mathematics, statistics, computing, built environment, other health, allied health, science, engineering, surveying, agriculture $9,050$16,969$9,353$17,535
Band 1: Humanities, behavioural science, social studies, education, clinical psychology, foreign languages, visual and performing arts, nursing $6,349 $11,904$6,561$12,300

*Maximum Student Contribution: This is the maximum amount of tuition fees you will be charged for the indicated period of study (12 months or 16 months) based on a full-time study load with no units failed or repeated.

University Foundation Studies Fees

Under Government enabling funding, the University Foundation Studies program is currently free for eligible domestic students. This includes Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand residents.

Associate Degree in Engineering

Fees for this course are Commonwealth-supported, granting eligible domestic students access to HECS-HELP. Please refer to Band 2 under the Government's Student Contribution Bands above for an indication of fees for this course.

International Students

International students are required to pay full tuition fees upfront and the fees for 2017 are listed below.

University Foundation Studies

University Foundation Studies 2017 International Fees2018 International Fees
Standard (Two Terms) Course $17,800 $20,000
Extended (Three Terms) Course* $26,200$26,200

Diploma Programs

  International Fees 2017International Fees 2018
Diplomas Two Terms Three Terms Four TermsTwo TermsThree TermsFour Terms
Arts N/A $21,909 $29,464N/A$23,000$30,500
Business $18,600 $21,600 $31,979 $22,000$24,500$32,500
Communication N/A $22,595 $31,310 N/A$25,000$33,500
Criminal and Community Justice N/A $22,000 $29,439 N/A$23,000$30,500
Construction Management $25,539 $30,086 $38,249 $27,000$30,000$38,500
Building Design ManagementN/AN/AN/A$27,000$30,000$38,500
Design N/A $23,264 $30,803 N/A$24,500$33,500
Engineering $26,054 $29,353 $37,317 $28,000$30,800$39,800
Health Science (HP, HSM & TR) $22,351 $24,873 $32,896 $24,000$26,500$33,500
Health Science (HPE) N/A $24,873 $32,896 N/A$26,500$33,500
Information and Communications Technology $19,800 $24,200 $32,136 $22,000$24,500$32,500
Information and Communications Technology (HIM)N/AN/AN/A$22,000$24,500$32,500
Science $25,800 $28,916 $37,641 $27,500$30,500$35,000
Social Science N/A $22,001 $22,440 N/A$23,000$30,500

English Language Programs

CoursesWeekly Rate 2018


What is HECS-HELP?

HECS-HELP is a Government loan system designed to help domestic students afford to attend university. You will only be required to start repaying the loan once your annual income exceeds $54,126 (as at 2015-16). Visit Study Assist for more information.

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