• Professor Adam Possamai was interviewed for a column in The Daily Telegraph (opens in new window) discussing Australian census 2016 results that show Catholicism as the most common religion in the Macathur area (14 July)
  • Professor Adam Possamai was interviewed for a column on (opens in new window) on the rising number of Exorcisms being performed or sought out (12 July)
  • Professor Adam Possamai was interviewed for a column in The Daily Telegraph (opens in new window) discussing the rise of atheism in Parramatta and Cumberland shown in the 2016 Australian census results (28 June)
  • Associate Professor Cristina Rocha was interviewed by Radio Mundial, Brazil on the translation of her book O Zen no Brasil (5 June)
  • Associate Professor Cristina Rocha was interviewed by SBS Portuguese Radio (In Portuguese) (opens in a new window) about her book John of God (2 April)



  • Dr Jan Ali was a guest at ABC News 24 (opens in a new window) discussing new research showing victimisation and alienation can make IS propaganda appealing. (9 April)
  • Dr Jan Ali was interviewed by ABC AM (opens in a new window) on radicalisation, Sydney forum countering radicalisation of young Muslims. (9 April)
  • Dr Jan Ali was interviewed by SBS News (opens in a new window) to discuss an online program by the Australian Multicultural Council targeting at-risk youths. New counter-radicalisation program for Aussie schools (9 April)
  • Dr Milad Milani spoke with 2CH Sunday Nights: 'Cultural Muslims in Australia'.(opens in a new window) Published on the Village Church Annandale website. (10 January)
  • Associate Professor Cristina Rocha wrote an aricle for The Guardian (opens in a new window) website 'Colonialism is alive and well on television'. (2 January)


  • Dr Milad Milani option piece 'Islam, Actually: Telling the Truth about Religion and Violence in the Wake of the Sydney Siege', published on ABC (opens in a new window) website. (29 December)
  • Dr Milad Milani on 'The truth about whether Islam is a religion of violence or peace', published on The Conversation (opens in a new window)website. (06 October)
  • Dr Milad Milani wrote an article for The Conversation (opens in a new window) on 'cultural Muslims'. The article refers to members of the Muslim community who are non-practicing but retain an attachment to elements of Islamic culture. (30 September)
  • Dr Jan Ali was interviewed on ABC Radio National (opens in a new window)as part of a panel discussion looking at the causes of radicalisation and terrorism in Australia. (17 August)
  • Christina Rocha was interviewed by Richard Glover on Drive ABC 702 AM, regarding the World Cup starting soon. He said Brazil was a country often forgotten despite being the fourth biggest democracy in the world and having the seventh biggest economy in the world. Rocha discussed the Brazilian economy over the past few years. She talked about the preparations of the World Cup and the trouble of corruption in Brazil. She talked about the industrial action of the metro workers in Sao Paulo and class distinctions. Rocha also discussed sexism and discontent against the Brazilian President Dilma Rouseff. (11 June)
  • Adam Possamai is interviewed by The Drum TV (opens in a new window)about the misguided moral panic about Slender Man.  (10 June)
  • Adam Possamai talks to the Parramatta Advertiser (opens in a new window) about the myth of Slenderman after two young girls in the US were obsessed with the figure and were charged with the attempted murder of their classmate. (opens in a new window) (06 June)
  • In an interview with ABC Radio (opens in a new window), Jan Ali discussed the concept of honour in Pakistan following the stoning of a woman outside a Lahore court. (29 May)
  • Jan Ali is interviewed by the ABC Radio current affairs program PM (opens in a new window) on the application of Sharia law in relation to the sentencing to death of a Sudanese woman who converted to Christianity. (16 May)
  • The Sydney Morning Herald publishes Jan Ali's comments on the rise in Islamic Studies at the university.(opens in a new window) (5 February)


  • Adam Possamai is interviewed by the SBS (opens in a new window) about his concern for Indigenous Muslims who are struggling to reconcile cultural and religious identities. (23 December)
  • Riaz Hassan and Adam Possamai are interviewed by the SBS (opens in a new window) on what 'Muslim-ness' in Australia is and how Muslims might preserve their identity in religiously diverse societies. (1 December)
  • Jacqueline Nelson, Alphia Possamai-Inesedy and Kevin Dunn's article (opens in a new window) 'Reinforcing religious inequality: The AHRC Inquiry into religious freedom and Australia's vexed religious landscape' appears in the ABC's Religion and Ethics Report. (28 August)
  • Cristina Rocha is interviewed by Fox News Latino (opens in a new window) about the possible revival of Catholicism in Brazil after the Pope's visit during the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. (29 July)
  • Kevin Dunn talks to SBS World News Australia about Ed Husic, Federal Labor MP, being attacked for using the Koran whilst being sworn in as a Parliamentary Secretary. (2 July)
  • Cristina Rocha speaks to SBS, Sky News and The Project about how Government spending on the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games is fomenting unrest in Brazil.
  • In her article in The Conversation (opens in a new window), Cristina Rocha discusses the underlying causes leading thousands of Brazilians to take to the streets in protest this past week. (19 June)
  • Jan Ali shares his thoughts on the question of 'How do you explain a burqa to a toddler'. (14 June)
  • Kevin Dunn, leader of the Challenging Racism Project, discusses racism issues in an interview with ABC Sydney.(opens in a new window) (3 April)
  • Kevin Dunn is interviewed on 2GB about the violent protests last year after a video on YouTube mocked the prophet Muhammad. (opens in a new window)(21 March)
  • Jan Ali responds to comments made by Geert Wilders after the controversial Dutch MP spoke to SBS (opens in a new window) about his anti-Islamic agenda. (19 February)


  • Julia Howell is among the guests in conversation with Gary Bryson on Radio National's Encounter (opens in a new window) program. She talks Sufi traditions and meditation for beginners. (24 November)
  • Adam Possamai comments on the increasing popularity of Halloween in Australia in The Daily Telegraph (opens in a new window). (October 22)
  • Cristina Rocha was interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald (opens in a new window) about Happy Science, a new religious movement with its origins in Japan and its sights on the world. (13 October)
  • Julia Howell helps to 'demystify' Sufism in a conversation with SBS (opens in a new window) video-journalist Patrick Abboud. (28 September)
  • In the aftermath of the Sydney riots, Jan Ali speaks to The Daily Telegraph (opens in a new window) on the organisational structures of Australia's Muslim communities. (23 September)
  • Following the Sydney riots, Joshua Roose comments on the restrained and heartening public reaction by the authorities, politicians and community leaders in his piece in The Conversation (opens in a new window). (18 September)
  • Jan Ali discusses what he considers to be the fundamental misunderstanding about the law, Shari'ah and the role religion has within our secular legal system in The Conversation (opens in a new window). (28 June)
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