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About the Business Glossary

The need for an enterprise-wide repository of agreed business term definitions for our University has long been observed. The Data Management Working Group, a subcommittee of the Business Intelligence Steering Committee within the Office of Business Intelligence and Performance formerly known as Office of Quality and Performance (OQP), has launched the Business Glossary project.

The Data Management Working Group envisage the implementation of a business glossary tool to not just store the business term definitions, but also to facilitate staff members' ability to access and contribute to discussions regarding term definitions and for governance over term definitions.

The Business Glossary will be available to staff and other stakeholders, which will include standardised definitions for business terms such as "student", "mature age", "first in family", "enrolled student", "blended learning" and other commonly used terms across the University.

Business benefits:

  • Improve communication among staff and students through the provision of a business glossary of terms
  • Central repository of clearly defined business terms accessible via web user interface
  • Efficient business process and governance in place to support the ongoing and vibrant term definition discussions online
  • Elimination of separate names and definitions for terms that have different interpretations across different business units, which reduces the risk of conflicting data in management and operational reports

Project progress to date

Phase one of the project is complete with the implementation of the IBM Infosphere Business Glossary tool. Phase two has just started and includes intensive gathering and creating business term definitions; designing and deploying standards & governance for the Business Glossary.

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