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The GI Motility Disorders Patient Support Network and our collaborators offers a number of support programs for people that are currently suffering from gastroparesis or other GI disorders. These programs offer help through their recovery and also provide support for family members of those suffering from GI disorders, giving guidance, information and strategies to dealing with this serious and often mystifying illness.

The support programs that we offer include the following:

GastroparesisClinic is a free online health service from our collaborators at Swinburne University and The Royal Melbourne Hospital. The website offers information, assessment, and a structured treatment program (“eTherapy”) for individuals with gastroparesis and associated psychological distress.  The gastroparesis focused 6 week psychological treatment program includes:

  • Stress management with a mindfulness focus
  • Strategies to identify and address gastroparesis associated anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Pain management strategies
  • Strategies to identify and address psychological patterns known to impact gastroparesis symptoms

With over 50,000 words of content, 35 handouts, 18 information videos and 11 audio files, the psychological focussed treatment program will provide you with the latest evidence-based psychological treatment for Gastroparesis.

Sign up at (opens in a new window) to join the Gastroparesis Clinic program.

Doctor Simon Knowles is the creator of He is a senior lecturer and clinical psychologist based at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. In this video you can hear Dr. Knowles outline the psychological impact gastroparesis has on sufferers and the latest treatment strategies available to improve patient quality of life.

High-Definition 1080p Duration 35 minutes

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