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3 Minute Thesis Winners

Congratulations to Daphne Foong and Harsha Suresh, taking home first and second prize at the 2019 School of Medicine, 3-Minute Thesis competition. Their research on gastroparesis is making breakthroughs in cell regeneration and dietary management. Daphne will represent the School in next month's University wide competition. Best of luck, Daphne!

5 July 2019

Pathway to commercialisation

Dr Jerry Zhou represented WSU at the 2019 Cicada Innovation/NSW Health Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program (MDCTP). Dr Zhou's medical device "In & Out" seeks to improve patient engagement and compliance in the treatment of defecation disorders. Dr Zhou graduated at the MDCTP Showcase, winning the IDE Group Development Award and People's Choice.

27 June 2019

Gastroparesis on 9News

A few advocates and Dr Jerry Zhou have been working with Channel 9 senior reporter Sarah Swain to push gastroparesis awareness to a national audience. Sarah has been vital in championing our cause and big thanks to Dennis, Jacinda, and Emily for sharing their stories. What started out as just a handful of people starting Gastroparesis Australia has really took off over the years. Hopefully with this comes more awareness, better diagnosis/treatment, and research.

18 February 2019

Post Sleeve Gastrectomy Case-Study

A patient undergoes routine bariatric surgery but develops regurgitation and chest pains during meals soon after. A high-resolution impedance manometry study is conducted to undercover a strange and new motility disorder. Dr Jerry Zhou writes about this unusual case: the cause, diagnosis, and the steps it took to get the patient symptom free.

21 January 2019

Rotary Devonport turns 90!

Our major supporter Rotary Club Devonport are turning 90 years young! Their continuing funds have allowed for 2 PhD scholarships towards gastroparesis research. We wish Rotary Devonport a Happy 90th Birthday and many more years of supporting the community and research!

21 January 2019

Gastroparesis calendar fundraiser

Simone and her family from Melbourne has embarked on a Gastroparesis fundraiser to promote awareness and sell calendars! To date, she has raised over $8,000 towards research at Western Sydney University.

12 December 2018

Passing of Gastroparesis Australia founder

Anneliese Defreitas Alarcon, the founder of Gastroparesis Australia and patient advocate, passed away this month unexpectedly. But her passion to find a cure for gastroparesis lives on in the Gastroparesis Australia community. A special memorial fund was setup in accordance with Anneliese's wishes and has raised over $2,000 towards research.

27 August 2018

Featured on ABC: The Shoey

The boys from ABC sports and our laboratory set out to uncover the facts behind the "Shoey". A trend started by F1 racer Daniel Ricciardo to drink alcohol out of a shoe has exploded into popular culture, leading to copycats around Australia. What bacteria are in a shoe? What happens after you add alcohol? We answered these questions and more!

02 July 2018

OCAGI funds PhD Scholarships

OCAGI and WSU are co-funding two PhD scholarships to continue our research in oesophageal cancer. We will develop an innovative early detection approach using gut microbiome profiling and improve post-operative care with cutting-edge 3D printing technology.

22 June 2018

Join our fibre research study

We are currently recruiting volunteers with gastroparesis to participate in a dietary study involving the benefits of soluble fibres.

20 April 2018

Talks from the Gastroparesis Symposium

Following the success of our 2018 Australian Symposium on Gastroparesis, we would like to share the photos and videos of our presenters.

14 March 2018

2018 Australian Symposium on Gastroparesis

We would like to thank everyone that attended the 2018 Australian Symposium on Gastroparesis at the School of Medicine, Western Sydney University.

27 February 2018

Western Sydney population study

Congratulations to Alexandra Fragakis who has graduated as a medicine student with first class honours. Her research has been recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health entitled "Association Between Drug Usage and Constipation in the Elderly Population of Greater Western Sydney".

01 February 2018

Improving diagnosis of oesophageal disorders

Our exchange student, Catherine Sykes, from the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Scotland has investigated and co-authored an article evaluating the use of alternative swallows in improving the detection of motility disorders in the oesophagus. We analysed over 300 patients to establish swallow profiles using different food types and their diagnostic potential compared to water swallows.

30 January 2018

Building a new gut

Our postdoctoral researcher, Dr Jerry Zhou, has published in a special issue of International Journal of Molecular Sciences on the potential use of gut organoids for replacement therapy. These innovations enable the growth of healthy gut tissue which may be transplanted into patients with motility disorders to restore gastrointestinal function.

30 November 2017

Research presented at 2017 GESA

Our PhD student Prapti Shrestha presented her work at the 2017 Gastroenterological Society of Australia Conference, along side thousands of health professionals and academics. Her work in the characterising stress response proteins in oeosphageal tissue from reflux patients uses the latest technology in protein identification. Prapti identified a number of proteins involved in stress response that are associated with gastric reflux. Her research will pioneer the introduction of molecular technologies in the diagnosis of human disorders.

11 October 2017

Rotary Club Devonport funds gastroparesis research

Congratulations to our PhD student Harsha Shuresh, whom has been awarded the Rotary Australia/Rotary Devonport co-funded PhD Scholarship. The award will fund his 3 year PhD researching the benefits of a low viscosity soluble fibre diet in gastroparesis sufferers.

12 February 2017

OCAGI funds oesophageal cancer research

It has been discovered recently that bacteria play an essential role in the human oesophagus in both maintaining health and the cause of disease. With the help of the Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Group Incorporated (OCAGI), research is underway at Western Sydney University to understand how changes in microorganisms in patients with acid reflux and Barrett's oesophagus can be used to predict and prevent the development of oesophageal cancer.

01 April 2016

Parliamentary notice of motion: GI awareness

Federal member for Fowler Chris Hayes took the opportunity in parliament to raise awareness of chronic gastroenterological or gut diseases. Disorders like Crohn's disease and gastroparesis are debilitating conditions that effect a significant number of Australians. The Notice of Motion emphasises the need for greater community awareness and more investment into research for these diseases that can greatly impair the quality of life of sufferers.

Working with the GI Motility Disorders Unit at Western Sydney University and patient advocate, Ashley Allum, there are plans to expand research into the area as well as patients resources for the Greater Western Sydney region.

16 September 2015

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