Understanding Your Disability

It is important to keep in mind that when you use the disability support services at university it will involve you telling people about your disability and describing the support you believe you need. This is called disclosure.

Now is the time to think about what personal information you will share at university.

Imagine what support, equipment and/or access features you will need at university.

To do this, note down and brainstorm ideas about:

  • Your disability and how it affects your study and your ability to participate in student life
  • The support you have used at school and the things that have been the most useful and unhelpful for you
  • Your thoughts about the differences between school and university, including new or familiar strategies and  supports which will support your academic success.


  • Leaps and Bounds – Here you will find a self-help planning guide in understanding your disability or medical condition at university.
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  • How to transition to tertiary education (opens in a new window) – Here you will find some helpful hints for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder when transitioning to tertiary education.