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Disability at Uni

Investigating disability support at uni should be the final step in making decisions about your uni options, not the first! Getting ready for uni is about all your needs as a student, a young person and a hopeful graduate, not just as a person with disability. But getting your disability support arrangements right can be the difference between you succeeding at uni and not. To give yourself the best chance of making a real go at uni, you must sort out what help and adjustments you need and who is going to help you make your arrangements happen.

The process of getting your disability support together can be long and involved. Therefore the earlier you start to plan your disability support at uni the better. By the time you get a uni offer you should have already had contact with the uni's disability support team about your possible disability-related needs. You will find advice in this section of the website about who to talk to about setting up your disability support arrangements and how to start the process.

It is also important to keep in mind that when you use the disability support services at uni it will involve you telling people about your disability and describing the support you believe you need. Now is the time to think about whether you will disclose your disability at uni or not. We have included in this part of the website tips for deciding whether to disclose your disability or not.

You may face some difficulties in getting the right disability support at uni but these problems are almost always able to be resolved. We have included in this section some information about your rights and responsibilities and tips on how to work out any problems that you may come across.

Check out these tips for people with different disability types: