Climate Risk Ready

In partnership with the NSW Government the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE), Western is proud to deliver a training program in climate change risk assessment and management.

20 weeks with an additional 6 weeks allocated to complete assessments. Students must be prepared to commit up to 9-10 hours on training per week across 20 weeks.

Online Orientation: 18 November 2021

Start Date: 2 December 2021

Fees: $2,500 (all inclusive).

Delivery: Online learning

Climate Risk Ready

Climate Risk Ready aims to embed consideration of climate change risk into NSW government decision making and increase NSW government preparedness to respond to the increasing impacts of climate change.

As part of this program you will complete three accredited units of competency including; AHCAGB518 Develop climate risk management strategies, PSPGEN038 Identify and treat risks and PSPMGT007 Manage Risk. These units are embedded in training content covered below. Students who complete the training will receive a nationally-recognised statement of attainment listing the three units of competency.

This program is designed for public sector employees interested in understanding how climate change may impact their organisation, and those with responsibility to manage those impacts. This includes the assessment, treatment and monitoring of climate risks and learning how to embed these practices into existing management functions and enterprise risk management systems.

Program Structure

The program has been designed for online delivery and takes a ‘flipped’ approach to learning, where learners are introduced to the learning material before class through an interactive online Learning Management System Canvas. Online lectures facilitated by teachers are then used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers, problem-solving activities, as well as time spent on completing assessments.

Delivered in 4 parts covering 10 topics:

Topic 1: Climate risk and the public sector

Topic 2: Risk and public policy

Topic 3: Climate risk management

Topic 4: Establishing the context in your agency

Topic 5: Stakeholder consultation and communication

Topic 6: Agency capacity

Topic 7: The science and geography of climate change

Topic 8: Identify, analyse and evaluate the risks

Topic 9: Treating climate risk

Topic 10: Embedding climate risk management

Develop skills

After successful completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the approach of government to climate risk management
  2. Establish the climate risk management context of their agency
  3. Plan for climate risk management in their agency
  4. Review and interpret climate and enterprise data
  5. Identify, analyse and evaluate climate risks and opportunities
  6. Identify climate risk treatments
  7. Prepare climate risk management plan
  8. Monitor and evaluate climate risk management plan
  9. Communicate climate risk management

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*International students will be subject to a variable fee regime; i.e. enrolled students will be required to pay fees during their program based on the approved fee for each calendar year. Fee changes (if any) will occur at 1 January each calendar year. Students who extend their program past the normal finish date of the program will be required to pay additional fees based on the prevailing fee level. Western Sydney University is a multi-campus institution. The University reserves the right to alter the location of its programs between campuses and other locations as necessary. Students should be aware of the possibility of change of location for the whole or part of programs for which they enrol and should plan for the need to travel between Western Sydney campuses.

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