Social Processes

Social Processes

Broadly speaking, this research program investigates how we perceive, understand, and interact with others, and how positive relationships develop. We seek to understand these various processes within a social cognitive framework, and by employing multiple methodologies and measures.

A key component of the research program is to study group behaviour not only from an individual's perspective but from multiple perspectives (e.g., from both members of a romantic couple). Interpersonal and intergroup relationships are part of daily life, and close relationships are crucial to individuals' well-being.

Identifying the factors that maintain harmonious intergroup relationships and satisfying close relationships can assist individuals in achieving positive and healthy lifetime outcomes. Relationship quality also has long-term implications throughout the life course. Thus, strong, satisfying interpersonal relationships form the foundation of supportive family structures, and contribute to well-being throughout the lifespan.

We investigate topics such as:

Decision making

Researcher: Dr Phoebe Bailey

Personality and individual differences, evolutionary social psychology and adaptive individual differences

Researcher: Dr Peter Jonason

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