The Western Foundational Processes of Behaviour (FPB) Research Laboratories host world-class research focused on uncovering the fundamental mechanisms of the human brain and behaviour. Comprising of a team of internationally recognized researchers; the FPB initiative has become one of the most successful and productive research initiatives in the School of Psychology. Over the last two years FPB have been awarded with a staggering 30 highly competitive national and international grants, with a total value of over $10,500,000. These grants have been put to good use with over 200 peer reviewed papers, books, book chapters and conference papers released by the group over the last two years. For more details please look at the News and Community Engagement page for grants, or the Publications page for a full listing of the groups publications.

Foundational Processes of Behaviour researchers utilize a diversity of predominantly experimental methods and seek to study human activity at multiple levels (observable cognitive and social behaviour, brain activity, and autonomic nervous system activity).

Our research team is committed to:

  • Excellence in research and theory building
  • World class program for training graduate students
  • Attracting competitive research funding
  • Using science to improve the human condition

For enquiries please contact: Associate Professor Gabrielle Weidemann g.weidemann@westernsydney.edu.au

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