The FPB Research Labs host world-class research focused on uncovering the fundamental mechanisms of the human brain and behaviour.
Members of FPB have been awarded with over $10,000,000 worth of funding over the last three years.

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Learning and Cognition

How do our past experiences and how we think about these experiences influence our future behaviour?

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Social Processes

We examine how people make sense of themselves and their social world, and behave positively and negatively towards close others and members of their own and other groups.

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Lifespan Development

We take a holistic approach to development and ageing through the study of social, cognitive, and emotional processes.

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We use psychophysical and neuroimaging techniques to study the mechanisms and computational principles of visual perception.

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Welcome to FpBPublic Presentations at FpBSocial Processes at FpBLifespan Development at FpBVision at FpB
Welcome to FpB Public Presentations at FpB Social Processes at FpB Lifespan Development at FpB Vision at FpB
Talking Heads

About Us

FpB researchers seek to identify the causes of social and emotional well-being, and to understand the fundamental mechanisms involved in perceiving and thinking.

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Get Out Of Your Mind - Book Cover


FpB Researchers publish widely across various disciplines (or, within the discipline of Psychology).

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School of Psychology

FpB is located within the School of Psychology.

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