School of Humanities and Communication Arts

Visual Communication Design

Discipline Lead | Dr Michelle Catanzaro

Visual Communication Design at Western Sydney University plays a critical role in analysing and producing diverse forms of visual media to facilitate digital and physical engagements in a rapidly changing world. Design scholars and practitioners explore the ways that visual communication outcomes shape social life, and create new tools, methods and visual artefacts for local, regional and global contexts. Design researchers are impact driven and champion a social and cultural agenda in the Western Growth narrative. Collaboration is core to their research approach with representation in the Institute for Culture and Society, the Young and Resilient Research Centre and the Digital Humanities Research Group.

With an award-winning and industry-engaged teaching program, expanding community connections, robust graduate employment outcomes, a growing postgraduate cohort and strengths in practice-oriented and interdisciplinary research, Visual Communication Design is well positioned to take a leading role in curriculum transformation and engaged research in the coming decades.

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