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16th March 2023: Report calls for the west to be given fair share of arts and cultural funding

A new report has addressed the inequities in funding, infrastructure and resources that have restricted the success of Western Sydney’s arts sector, in comparison to Eastern Sydney.

15th March 2023: Cost of living to influence Western Sydney voters, analysis finds

The Centre for Western Sydney has released a detailed new analysis ahead of the NSW election, finding the soaring costs of living combined with rapidly rising mortgage and rental costs, will heavily influence voting behaviours across Western Sydney.

9th March 2023: NSW election interviews delve into critical western Sydney issues

The Centre for Western Sydney has launched a new series of video interviews, which analyse the broad range of issues that may influence voter behaviour in the lead-up to the New South Wales state election.

23rd February 2023: Western Sydney centre stage in NSW election forums

Education, housing and cost of living produced some charged exchanges and deep contrasts, along with hints of convergence, as both parties made their case to Western Sydney voters.

22nd February 2023: Inaugural Special Advisor appointed

Professor Andy Marks has announced Cat-Thao Nguyen, Managing Director of Global Ready LLC and inclusive leadership strategist, as the Centre’s first official Special Advisor.

3rd February 2023: Hear from both sides of politics on region’s critical issues

Western Sydney will have the opportunity to hear firsthand from representatives of the Labor and Liberal parties about critical issues affecting the region, as part of a series of special election forums in February.

7th December 2022: Centre for Western Sydney farewells Inaugural Principal Research Fellow

The Centre for Western Sydney extends its congratulations and well-wishes to Associate Professor Rae Dufty-Jones, who has stepped down from her role as Principal Research Fellow in the Centre to take on a new opportunity.

18th November 2022: CatalystWest 2022 - it is time for a reset in Western Sydney

This year’s CatalystWest – western Sydney’s largest ideas forum – will bring together the best and brightest minds to hit the reset button and make headway on the most pressing issues impacting the region.

28th October 2022: New Analysis Highlights Entrenched Inequities Impacting Western Sydney's Surging Skilled Labour Market

A Centre for Western Sydney analysis of recently released 2021 Census data has revealed a remarkable surge in western Sydney’s skilled labour market as well as entrenched inequities that are putting those gains at risk.

7th September 2022: Inaugural recipients of the Vice-Chancellor's Centre for Western Sydney Fellowship Fund Announced

The Centre for Western Sydney has spearheaded a new seed funding initiative to support early career researchers at the University whose research is focused on tackling the critical issues facing the people of Western Sydney and promoting the resilience of its vibrant and diverse communities.

26th November 2020: Centre for Western Sydney Relaunched to Advocate for Region

In response to the significant social and economic challenges facing Sydney’s West, Western Sydney University has re-launched its ‘Centre for Western Sydney’ — an innovative research, policy and advocacy hub, that in partnership with community, industry and government, will address the pressing issues of one of Australia’s fastest growing regions.