CatalystWest Conversations

During the COVID-19 crisis, we confronted the critical issues experienced by Western Sydney by delivering a bespoke digital series. The series brought together leaders across industry, community and the university, to provide real-time analysis on issues like migration, the arts, infrastructure, education, and public spaces. 

Episode 6

Space, the final post-COVID frontier. Will public space ever be the same again?

Professor Philip Thalis, City of Sydney Councillor, Alex O'Mara, Deputy Secretary, NSW Department of Planning and Prue Car MP, Shadow Education Minister discuss how we’ll learn and build community in public spaces post pandemic.

Episode 5

The “most successful multicultural country on earth” just closed its borders. What next?

Associate Professor Shanthi Robertson, social and migration researcher and Melissa Monteiro, CEO, Community Migrant Resource Centre, discuss how Western Sydney will reshape this new frontier.

Episode 4

An arts and urban innovation led recovery? Just imagine…

Lisa Havilah, CEO of the Powerhouse Museum and Michael Rose AM, Chair of the Committee for Sydney, discuss the importance of arts and creative industries in western Sydney.

Episode 3

Will our sense of community survive the pandemic?

Walkley-award winning journalist, Jan Fran and the University’s, Helen Barcham discuss communities post-pandemic.

Episode 2

What behaviour changes will outlast this crisis?

Arup’s Joanne Carmichael and Launch Pad’s Don Wright, map the way ahead for cities and entrepreneurs post COVID-19.

Episode 1

How can our region best understand and respond to crisis?

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Barney Glover AO, Dr Andy Marks and Helen Barcham explore how Western Sydney is navigating the crisis.