CatalystWest 2019
Couldn’t make it on the day, or have more to say? City-shaping doesn't happen overnight. Make your voice heard and join the conversation with #CatWest.

The Western Sydney City Deal promises to create a city of over 250,000 people on the edge of Sydney, one of the world’s leading economic and cultural hubs.

The moment is upon us. We have a generational opportunity to shape our city from the ground up. We can create an urban environment that is more than built form, more than infrastructure, much more than simply a place of business. Together, Western Sydney can bring to life a city that doesn’t simply reflect our region but encapsulates its wildest possibilities.

This began at CatalystWest 2018.

Now in its second year, Western Sydney University’s 2019 CatalystWest forum saw 350 collaborators from the community, government and industry come together at Parramatta Square on 7 November to envisage the region’s newest city at the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

Highlights from CatalystWest 2019.

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What changes can we make in Western Sydney to make the region more liveable?

Re-imagining Western Sydney

Real-time Insights

At CatalystWest 2019, our Data Bunker was on site to provide real-time analysis from participants on the characteristics of a liveable city. The insights snapshot indicated that people of Western Sydney want:

  • Accessibility that is available but not invasive, and builds a participatory culture
  • Inclusivity that shifts from competition to collaboration, and embraces the diversity of the West
  • An iconic narrative and brand
  • Connectivity through both infrastructure and community
  • Sustainability through incentivised design benchmarks and industries
  • Healthy activities to promote physical and mental health and well-being
  • Smart and innovative culture, looking at education for the future

What We’ll Do, Together

Together from pre to post event, and at the forum itself, we will transform the way cities are conceived. With provocative, agile and interactive speakers, we’ll confront what’s possible when we shape a city collaboratively. Local and international experts will share their visions of cities. We will collectively create a model of a city that is truly ‘liveable’; a city that is inclusive of women, ethnic communities, diverse viewpoints and different understandings of what the intersection of built-form and imagination makes possible.

Lively panel sessions at the forum were augmented by breakout digital hacks and ideation. Participants were able to populate VR and real-time AV renderings of cityscapes prior to and at the event. 

And the work doesn’t end there. Western’s researchers are shaping CatalystWest’s outcomes into policy statements that we will be collectively taken to policy makers. Continue the conversation with us at #CatWest.


CatalystWest is a non-profit event. Its success as a proven vehicle for positive and evidence-based change relies on the support of sponsors and scale of imagination our collaborators bring. 

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