Centre Staff

Alice Desmond

Digital Communications Officer, Sydney Review of Books

Alice manages digital production for the Sydney Review of Books.

Suzanne Gapps

Executive Officer

Suzanne is Executive Officer with Writing and Society and manages administration for the Sydney Review of Books.

Melinda Jewell

Research Project Officer

Melinda oversees the Centre’s postgraduate training program and is the Program Advisor for The Writing Zone.

Catriona Menzies-Pike

Editor, Sydney Review of Books

Catriona is the Editor of the Sydney Review of Books and Publishing Director for The Writing Zone.

Ellen O’Brien

Project Officer, The Writing Zone

Ellen is the 2022 Program Officer for The Writing Zone and a junior editor at the Sydney Review of Books.

Tiffany Tsao

Editor, The Circular

Tiffany is the Editor of The Circular.

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