Alexis Wright

alexis_wrightAlexis Wright is a member of the Waanyi nation of the Gulf of Carpentaria. She is the author of the novel Carpentaria, which won five national literary awards in 2007, including the ASAL Gold Medal and the Miles Franklin Award. Her first novel Plains of Promise was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize and published in France as Les Plaines de L'Espoir. Her other books are Grog War, a study of alcohol abuse in Tennant Creek, the short story collection Le Pacte de Serpent, and as editor, Take Power, a collection of essays and stories celebrating twenty years of land rights in Central Australia. She has written widely on Indigenous rights, and organised two successful Indigenous Constitutional Conventions, ‘Today We Talk About Tomorrow’ (1993), and the Kalkaringi Convention (1998).

Works on Alexis Wright

The following is a selected list of works about Alexis Wright and her novels. More can be found by searching the Australian Literature Resource.

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