2019 Seminars

After the seminar has passed you can click on the seminar title to read an abstract, listen to audio and view images of the seminar presentations.

All seminars are are on Parramatta South campus, Female Orphan School conf. room 1, EZ.G.23, 11.00 am - 12.30 pm unless otherwise indicated.



22 March Beth Driscoll (University of  Melbourne), Julieanne Lamond (ANU/ Editor, ALS),
Frances An (Finishing School), & Sara Knox (WSRC)

Special International Women's Day Panel with Sydney Review of Books: Women Writers and Readers - Contemporary Popular Fiction and the Literary

Hosted by Dr Catriona Menzies-Pike (Editor, Sydney Review of Books) and Dr Anne Jamison (Deputy Director, WSRC)

26 April Dr Alix Beeston (Cardiff University) ‘Frozen in the Glassy, Bluestreaked Air: John Dos Passos’s Photographic Metropolis’

Chair: Lorraine Sim
3 May Carla Guelfenbein - a special guest of the SWF & Giramondo's Southern Latitudes series

Carla Guelfenbein was born in Santiago, Chile. She is the author of several novels: The other side of the soul, The women of my life, The rest is silence, Naked swimmers, and In the distance with you. Her work has been translated to 16 languages. Her fifth novel, In the distance with you, won the prestigious Alfaguara price in 2015.

10 May Kate Fagan (WSRC) ‘A Poetics of Repertoire’
24 May John Encarnacao ‘Writing about old albums – ways to make a historical turn at 33 1/3rpm’
28 June Michael Sala (visiting scholar) ‘The Poetics of Place: a novelist’s reflections on negotiating the relationship between place and story through the act of using one’s feet’
26 July Sienna Brown, guest author Sienna Brown is the author of Master of My Fate, a novel based on the life William Buchanan a plantation slave from Jamaica who was transported to colonial New South Wales. Sienna will be in conversation with Ben Etherington (WSRC).
23 August, 11.00 am Prof. Andrew Gibson (U London) The Event and Managerial Reason: J.M. Coetzee's 'The Vietnam Project' and The Childhood of Jesus
23 August, 2.30 pm Clarence Walden, Gangalidda Elder Nothing But the Truth: Documentary Premiere and in conversation with Gangalidda Elder Clarence Walden.

More info: http://www.formsofworldliterature.com/nothing-but-the-truth-documentary-premiere-and-in-conversation-with-gangalidda-elder-clarence-walden/
28 August,1.00 pm Tishani Doshi, guest author Tishani Doshi is an award-winning feminist writer, poet and dancer. Tishani will be reading from her most recent work, a collection of poems entitled Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods. She will be in conversation with Roanna Gonsalves, award-winning author of The Permanent Resident.

* Tishani Doshi is a guest of the Blue Mountains Writers Festival
6 SeptemberChris Fleming (WSRC)Writing On Drugs
27 September Ceridwen Dovey, guest author Ceridwen Dovey is the author of the novel Blood Kin, and a short story and collection Only the Animals.Her most recent novel is In the Garden of the Fugitives. Ceridwen will read from her work and will be in conversation with Anthony Uhlmann, Director WSRC.
18 October Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen 
(Aarhus University, Denmark)
'To Move, to touch, to listen - Multisensory Reading of Digital Interfaces'
15 November Helen Koukoutis (WSRC) Boats Adrift: Emily Dickinson's and Bayard Taylor's Romantic Interludes at Sea
6 December Dr Jason Tuckwell Creative action and purposive agency in technology and literature
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