What Where by Samuel Beckett

What Where by Samuel Beckett frame from film.

The Writing and Society Research Centre is behind a new production of What Where by Samuel Beckett that has its world premiere at the 2013 Enniskillen International Beckett Festival.

This work was originally written for the stage and was adapted by Beckett for German television. Walter Asmus, who was assistant director to Beckett in adapting the work, is the director of this new production. Asmus brings an intimate understanding of the process that Beckett went through in adapting the work and has been crucial in making this the first English language version that is faithful to the original vision that Beckett had for bringing What Where to the screen.

What Where is perhaps one of Beckett's most overtly political works, particularly in the way that it deals with the subject of torture, a subject that is no less relevant now than when Beckett originally wrote his stage play. 

What Where is accompanied by a documentary that offers insights into Beckett's process in adapting the original work for television and that gives a sense of the challenges involved in bringing Beckett's vision back to the screen in a new production.

What Where

By Samuel Beckett

Director: Walter Asmus

Producer: Anthony Uhlmann

Cinematographer and Editor: Ben Denham

The Remaking of Samuel Beckett's What Where

Director and Editor: Ben Denham

Written by Anthony Uhlmann and Ben Denham

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