Alexis Wright speaks at the 2015 China Australia Literary Forum on Aboriginal art and sovereignty of the mind.

Recent Events

Coetzee's Other Worlds 7 December 2016

A workshop on the aspects of J. M. Coetzee's texts that evade, transcend or openly resist the imposition of national frameworks.

Historical Poetics Symposium 13-15 December 2016

A symposium that examines how the individual poem presents challenges both for a historical understanding of poetic form and for a formalist understanding of poetry's history.

Australian Women's Writing Symposium 3 November 2016

In collaboration with the State Library of NSW and the Sydney Review of Books, the Writing and Society Research Centre are pleased to present a one-day symposium on Australian women's writing.

Literature and Technology Conference 11-13 July 2016

This conference seeks to explore the complex interrelations between literature and technology through a wide range of literary texts and contexts, as well as across historical and contemporary periods.

Radical Literature 6 November 2015

Renowned anthropologist Ghassan Hage and award-winning author Michael Mohammed Ahmad on White Fantasies and Arab Fictions. Anarchist poet П. O. in conversations with critic Ivor Indyk.

China Australia Literary Forum 28-29 August 2015

The China Australia Literary Forum provides a rare and exciting opportunity for authors from the two countries to meet, exchange ideas and experiences and to develop a deeper understanding of our respective literary  worlds.

The Endlessness of Ending: Samuel Beckett and the Mind Conference 29-30 June 2015

Samuel Beckett's work across the genres has always shown a keen interest in both the topography and the function of the mind. The experience of interiority in Beckett is complex and it is often on the brink of its own collapse. 

Featured Event

The Writing and Society Research Centre hosted a Sydney Writers' Festival event featuring Oulipo writer Jacques Roubaud. In this video he introduces the Oulipo with a reading from a piece by Harry Matthews-

Listen to Jacques Roubaud's full presentation on the Oulipo.


The Writing and Society Research Centre runs a series of seminars that occur regularly throughout the year. Seminars are presented by Centre members, visiting scholars and our postgraduate students. Seminars are open to participants from other universities, and interested writers critics and researchers. 

Events and symposia

The Writing and Society Research Centre is committed to fostering public discussion around literature and writing more generally. We do this through our public events and symposia. Where possible we seek to extend the life of these events through audio and video documentation that can be accessed on our past events page [insert link] and on the Sydney Consortium website

Under the banner of the Sydney Consortium the Centre has organized events with our consortium partners the Sydney Writers' Festival, State Library of NSW, Australian Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The Centre has also presented literary events with the Sydney Festival, Sydney Film Festival, Biennale of Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney Grammar School, Poet's Union, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney Arab Film Festival and the Blacktown Arts Centre.

Through the Sydney Seminar for the Arts and Philosophy, the Centre presents lectures, discussions and performances related to the philosophical and cognitive understandings of what art can do. We also organise launches and readings to mark new Giramondo releases.

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Our Next Seminar

Friday 21 April, 11.00am -12.30pm Catriona Menzies-Pike and Ben Denham present Never in print: the literary essay online. »Read More