WSU Members

Lucy Nicholas Dec 2020

Associate Professor Lucy Nicholas

Director - Sexuality and Gender Research
Associate Professor In Gender and Sexuality Studies

Research interests: gender and sexual diversities, non-binary and genderqueer, trans*, men and masculinities, social and political theory, queer theory, whiteness and feminisms

Prof Kerry Robinson

Professor Kerry Robinson

Acting Director - Human Rights and Diversity Research Center

Research interests: childhood studies; diversity and difference in educational contexts; gender equity; gender and sexuality studies; gender and sexuality diversity in childhood and young people; sexual citizenship; sexuality education; feminist theory, queer theory and feminist poststructural theory

Professor Andrew Gorman-Murray
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: Social and Cultural Geography; Gender, Sexuality and Space; Urban Studies; Rural Studies; Geographies of Home.

Professor Janette Perz
School of Medicine

Research interests: reproductive and sexual health with a particular focus on gendered experiences, subjectivity and identity

Professor Jane Ussher
School of Medicine

Research interests: LGBTQ Health; sexuality and the reproductive body; as well as exploring gendered and sexuality in cancer survivorship

Associate Professor Nida Denson
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: Diversity, diversity-related initiatives, educational contexts; student-institution fit; educational access and opportunity, impact of diversity on student development, hierarchical linear modelling, meta-analysis.

Associate Professor Kate Huppatz
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: work and employment, social class, households and embodiment

Associate Professor Susanne Gannon
School of Education

Research interests: educational research including gender equity and diversity; creative writing pedagogies; media and cultural studies in educational research and educational policy

Associate Professor Alison Downham Moore
School of Humanities and Communication Arts

Research interests: European cultural or intellectual history, historiography or historical theory, sexuality or gender studies, history of medicine, science, sport or health across time and place

Associate Professor Tania Ferfolja
School of Education

Research interests: LGBTQI issues in education; preservice teacher education; academic service learning; refugee youth and schooling

Associate Professor Jacqueline Ullman
School of Education

Research interests: Equity and Social Justice Education; Gender and Sexuality; LGBTQI issues in education; Developmental Psychology; Research Design and Analysis; Self-Concept; Sociology of Education; Sociology of Gender and Sexuality; Stigma Management

Associate Professor Karen Soldatic
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: Social security, social protection regimes and local livelihoods (inc. digitisation, financialisation, spatialisation); Social inequality, marginality and autonomy; Disability, race and ethnicity, sexuality and gender diversity and intersectionality; War, conflict and transitional/reparatory justice

Dr Amira Aftab
School of Law

Research interests: anti-discrimination law, gendered institutions, feminist theory, and gender and human rights.

Dr Peter Bansel
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: Digital life; Education Policy; Health and Well-being; Qualitative and Post-Structural Research Theory and Methodology; Sexuality, Gender and Ethics; Subjectivity

Dr Jenna Condie
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: Activism; Curriculum Design; Identity; Place identity; Qualitative Methodologies; Sustainable Urban Environments; User-experience design; public housing; social entrepreneurship; social media; urban redevelopment

Dr Selda Dagistanli
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: Racialised Gender Violence; Cultures of abuse; Racism and multiculturalism

Dr Quah Ee Ling

Dr Quah Ee Ling

School of Humanities & Communication Arts

Research interests: Dr Quah Ee Ling (she/her) is a fire dragon feminist and Senior Lecturer in Culture & Society, School of Humanities & Communication Arts. Ee Ling is Singaporean of Chinese-Hokkien and Indonesian-Peranakan heritage. The correct order of her name is surname first followed by given name. Ee Ling developed her own strand of feminism - fire dragon feminism to blow flames at injustices and rebuild communities for a more just and equitable world. She has very little patience for racism, queerphobia, patriarchy, misogyny and white male mediocrity. Ee Ling is the author of Transnational Divorce: Understanding Intimacies and Inequalities from Singapore (Routledge 2020) and Perspectives on Marital Dissolution: Divorce Biographies in Singapore (Springer 2015). Her research interests include feminisms, intersectionality, gender & sexuality, queer studies, race, migration, transnational studies, emotions, intimacies and families.

Dr Suzanne Egan
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: Feminist theory, queer theory, Foucauldian and post structural methodologies,  sexual violence, trauma studies, academic sexual misconduct

Dr Emilee Gilbert
School of Psychology

Research interests: gender, health and sexuality; women's negotiation of paid and unpaid work; qualitative research methods, public health policies and practices, post-structural feminist theory

Dr David Lim

Dr David Lim

School of Health Science

Research interests: workforce and health service planning for vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised communities

Associate Professor Corrinne Sullivan

Associate Professor Corrinne Sullivan
School of Social Sciences

Research interests: experiences and effects of body and Identity in relation to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Dr George Turner

Research interests: reducing health disparities by advancing sexual health equity in areas such as sexual justice, LGBTQIA2S issues, disability, and sexuality education; social work, psychotherapy, sex therapy

Dr Brahm Marjadi
School of Medicine

Research interests: Cross-cultural knowledge translation; Disease prevention and control in low-resource settings; Methods, evaluation and impact of community engagement and community engaged learning

Dr Ryan Thorneycroft

Research interests: Crip Theory; Queer Theory; Subjectivity; Violence

Dr Sowbhagya Michael
School of Medicine

Research interests: teaching innovations, community engagement in medical education, women's health, gender and human rights.

Dr Ashlee Gore

Research interests: gender, including feminist jurisprudence, feminist legal theory, discourse analysis, psychosocial criminology, feminist psychoanalysis, and cultural theory.

Dr Ben Hanckel
Institute for Culture and Society

Research interests: youth studies, sexuality and gender, Digital Health and wellbeing, social activism.

Bijan Kardouni

Research interests: Queer Theory, LGBTIQ Studies, Homophobia, Execution of Gay Men, Foucauldian Discourse Analysis, Media Analysis, Autoethnography.

Dr Rimple Mehta
Social Work and Community Welfare

Research interests: gender, criminalisation of mobility, trafficking and incarceration.

Adjunct Members

Associate Professor Nicole Asquith
University of Tasmania

Research interests: Criminology; LGBTIQ+ inclusion; Policing; Victimology

Cristyn Davies
University of Sydney

Research interests: HPV and HPV vaccination; vaccination delivery systems; gender and sexuality; child and adolescent health and development; LGBTI health, discrimination and violence; women’s sexual and reproductive health; research methods design; Implementation Science and Knowledge Translation; health and education policy practice; and (heritage and new) media.

Associate Professor Jane Mears

Research interests: collaborative engaged action research projects with communities and government in the areas of women and caring, aged care and violence against older women

Associate Professor Michael Salter
University of NSW

Research interests: child abuse; adult survivors of child abuse; violence against women; social media; childhood trauma; complex trauma; dissociation