Muslims in Contemporary Societies

This stream deals with Muslims in contemporary societies in both Muslim-majority countries and countries where Muslims form a minority. It deals with issues facing Muslims in today's world, cutting across religion, politics, law and culture. Themes that are investigated under this stream include Muslim migration and experiences of racism and multiculturalism, everyday Muslim life, identity and citizenship in the West, Shari'a law in the West, Islamic legal theory in Islamic societies, Muslim organisations in Indonesia, Sufism in Australia, transnational Islamic movements, terrorism, deradicalisation, and Muslim women's rights. Research in this stream aims to understand the complexities and nuances of Muslim and Islamic life across the globe.

Research projects in the stream include:

  • "Testing the limits of post-secularism and multiculturalism in Australia, France and the USA: Shari'a in the everyday life of Muslim communities", Australian Research Council, Adam Possamai, Malcolm Voyce, Selda Dagistanli, Bryan Turner, AUD$185,788.
  • "Resilience and the NSW Police Community Engaged Counter-Radicalisation Model", NSW Police Force, Michael Kennedy, Kevin Dunn, Jan Ali, AUD$27,237.
  • "An exploration of the frequency, outcomes, enablers and constraints of bystander anti-racism" (via Deakin University), Australian Research Council, Kevin Dunn, Yin Paradies, Bernard Guerin, Anne Pedersen, Scott Sharpe, Maria Hynes, AUD$98,679.
  • "The ordinariness of Australian Muslims: attitudes and experiences of Muslims", Kevin Dunn, Western Sydney University, AUD$10,000.
  • "Sufism: religious pluralism and the alternative narrative in Islam", Researcher Development Strategic Initiative Funding – ECR Award, Dr Milad Milani. AUD$20,000.
  • "Transnational Ties and National Belonging among Australian Muslims" (via Deakin University), Australian Research Council, Adam Possamai, Fethi Mansouri, David Tittensor, Jaqueline Nelson.
  • Muslim Organizations in Indonesian Political and Social Life, Steven Drakeley.
  • Islamophobic and 'Muslimophobic' Discourses in Anti-Halal Debates, Jennifer Cheng
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