Atun Wardatun

Marriage Payment among Bimanese Muslim in Eastern Indonesia: Practice, Meaning and Impacts toward Gender Power Relation.
Supervisor: Julia Howell; Co-supervisor: Mary Hawkins

MA of Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Northern Iowa USA (2006)
Pre-Academic Program, Boston University Massachusetts USA (2004)
MA.g  Islamic Law Department (Islamic Family Law Program), IAIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta (2000)
Bachelor Degree in Islamic Law (Religious Court Program) at  IAIN Sunan Ampel (1997

Research Interests:
Gender Studies; Islamic Law; Family/Personal Law; Gender and Islamic Family Law

ASA (Alison Sudradjat Awards) 2012
ALA  (Australian Leadership Awards) Scholarship 2012
Competitive Research Grant, Director General of Islamic Education, Directorate of Religious Affairs, Indonesia, 2010.
International Peace Scholarship (IPS) of PEO Sisterhood USA (2005-2006)
Fulbright Scholarship (2004-2006)
MORA’s Scholarship for Higher Education (1997-2000)
Supersemar Scholarship (1995-1996

Negotiating, Public and Private Spheres: Feminist Liberal Critics to the Contextual Issue of the Compilation of Islamic Law sin Indonesia (PSW IAIN Mataram: 2007)
Perempuan NTB Mendunia: Siapa Takut (Go International Women: Why Not?) (Mataram: Alam Tara Institute, 2011)

Chapters in of Books:

“Islamic Family Law in Morocco” in Family Law in Islamic Countries: A Study on the transformation of Classical Fiqh in to Modern Constitution, Jakarta: Ciputat Press, 2003
"Islamic Feminism and Western Feminism: Passing through a Different Way?" in Refusing Subordinaton, Balancing Relation, Mataram: IAIN Mataram Press, 2007
“The Tradition of Equality: Cultural and Religious Intersectionality in Gender Studies”  in Reformation of Islamic Thought in Indonesia  (Jakarta: Institute for the Sudy of Religion and Phylosophy, 2011)

Journal Articles:

“I Know it because I See it: Maintaining Public and Private Spheres Ideology within Family in Qawwam", Journal for Gender Mainstreaming, Vol 1. No.1 2006
"Pornography and Violence against Women: a Critical Study on Radical Feminist Perspective Ulumuna", Journal of Islamic Studies, Vol. X No. 2 Juli-December 2006 
"The Compilation of Islamic Law in Indonesia: From Fiqh Domination to Legal Domination Istinbath", Journal of  Islamic Laws and Economy, Vol. V No. 2 June-December, 2007


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