Purchasing permits


Students, staff and visitors to Western Sydney University can purchase annual and half year parking permits online via OneStop. The OneStop System allows you to pay online via credit/debit card.

Multiple permits can be purchased by selecting the 'Continue Shopping' button at the bottom of the page. Multiple permits may need to be purchased by maintenance companies purchasing permits for their staff.

2021 permits will be available for purchase from 4 January 2021. Annual permits are valid from date of purchase to 31 December of the same year.

Salary sacrifice/salary deduction

Permanent staff have the option to purchase their annual parking permits through OneStop or by salary sacrifice/salary deduction. Salary sacrifice/salary deduction payments are debited directly from your fortnightly pay.

The difference between salary sacrifice and salary deduction is:

Salary sacrifice – the deduction is made from your fortnightly pay before tax
Salary deduction – the deduction is made from your fortnightly pay after tax

2021 deductions per pay cycle
Permit type Fortnightly deduction
Annual General Yellow parking permit $7.74
Annual Communal Blue parking permit $11.58
Dedicated Red parking permit $29.82
Dedicated Red with bollard parking permit $33.85

Note: only annual parking permit fees can be salary sacrificed/salary deducted. The cost of the permit is recovered over the full year, without having to increase the fortnightly fee. Half year permits are only available for purchase via OneStop.

To apply to salary sacrifice/salary deduct your parking permit fees, please complete the Staff Application for Parking Permit Deductions Form [DOCX, 75.81 KB] (opens in a new window) .

Tax invoices as interim parking permits

If you order your permit via OneStop you need to print the tax invoice for your purchase. This invoice is valid as an interim permit which can be displayed on the dashboard of your vehicle for up to 15 working days from the date of purchase. During this time you will receive your permit at the address nominated on your application form.

Staff who submit a Staff Application for Parking Permit Deductions Form [DOCX, 75.81 KB] (opens in a new window) will be issued a temporary permit to display on the dashboard of their vehicle once their application has been successfully processed. The temporary permit will be valid for 15 working days, during which time you will receive your permit.

If your permit doesn't arrive

If your permit doesn't arrive within 15 working days of purchase please complete the Replacement Parking Permit Application Form.