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School of Medicine

New research discovers link between high blood pressure and menopausal hormone therapy

A new medical study by the University of Western Sydney has found that hormone therapy used by women to combat the effects of menopause is associated with increased chances of developing high blood pressure.


Scientific road trip to save Murray River turtles

Two world experts on Australian native freshwater turtles are heading ‘downstream’ along the Murray to build local community partnerships to help save the animals.

School of Medicine

Risky drinkers over-represented in rural emergency department patients, new study finds

Nearly two in every five emergency department patients in rural areas of Australia drink alcohol at risky levels, a new study has found.

Dapto Dreaming

UWS researcher helps kids create a perfect place for play

Buy young children the latest toy and they may be more interested in playing with the cardboard box; take them to the local park, and they may wander away from the playground.


Medication is hard to swallow: Parents meander through a moral minefield with ADHD

Doctoral research from the University of Western Sydney has revealed the impossible position of parents, whose children are diagnosed with ADHD.


Plant diversity critical to long-term ecosystem sustainability

Losing just a few plant species in diverse ecosystems could impair ecosystem sustainability say the authors of a new study published in the international journal 'Science'.


Society and culture in focus at UWS

To better understand the direction and ramifications of rapid global change, the University of Western Sydney has created the Institute for Culture and Society.

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Climate right for new research institute at UWS

Nine storey cranes and 28 metre high ring structures in native bushland that can produce the elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.

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