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Mountain Ash 3

Native trees shrug off heatwaves

As Australians prepare for one of the hottest summers on record, people looking for inspiration to survive the blistering heat should consider.

Chinese calligraphy art

UWS partners with UNESCO and Australia Council

Researchers from the University of Western Sydney have entered a new partnership with the Australia Council and UNESCO to analyse the next generation of Australian artists.

View of EucFACE facility from a crane

Unique experiment takes its first breath

The EucFACE facility - the world’s most complex climate change experiment has taken its first breath at the UWS Hawkesbury campus.

High birth intervention

High blood pressure during pregnancy still puts mother and baby at risk

Researchers are investigating a compound in the mother’s blood that may show the risk, even in early pregnancy, of developing preeclampsia or high blood pressure.

Ahmed Moustafa

Computer modeling shows how medications play a part in the Parkinson’s experience

A University of Western Sydney researcher has developed a new computational model, which will improve our understanding of how Parkinson’s disease (PD) medications affect the brain.

High birth intervention

Private hospitals drive surge in caesareans, inductions

A new study led by the University of Western Sydney has found low risk women giving birth in private hospitals in New South Wales are much more likely to have obstetric interventions.

FpB Lab Opening

New psychology labs explore the processes of human behaviour

The University of Western Sydney officially opened its Foundational Processes of Behaviour Research Laboratories on the Bankstown campus.


UWS builds on research success with two prestigious ARC grants

The University of Western Sydney has underlined its growing research reputation with the announcement of two prestigious Australian Research Council Future Fellowship grants.

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