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Climate right for new research institute at UWS

Nine storey cranes and 28 metre high ring structures in native bushland that can produce the elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations.


Jet lagged trees hold clues to storing carbon

Similar biological processes that give international travellers the dreaded jetlag have been found to also affect plants and entire ecosystems.


Social media supports community resilience during natural disasters

A University of Western Sydney study into the use of social media during natural disasters has found it performs a valuable role coordinating official information, helping isolated people receive help.


Are you really happy for me? UWS explores our emotional responses when a romantic partner succeeds

Couples are competitive when it comes to holding the remote control, however, when it comes to life outside of the lounge room, research from the University of Western Sydney suggests.


Leading national complementary medicine agency to receive significant funding

The National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) has announced at an event held in Sydney today that it has received $2.9 million in funding.

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Coral Research

Dr Anya Salih has captured stunning images of fluorescent coral used in a unique film on life underwater.

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